Who We Are

In 1990, Carolyn B. Thompson saw continuous turnover in employees, an inability to find great employees, and a waste of recruiting dollars on untargeted channels in companies in which she worked. She also saw them have inadequate training programs and thus, more wasted money. Carolyn soon realized other companies were having much the same problems, and believed that with specific performance oriented training and HR programs quality employees would be attracted to stay and grow with these organizations.

What We're Best At

We know how to learn your processes quickly, and use our knowledge of how people learn to turn your processes/information into something people can learn from:

  • quickly and easily
  • with the least expense in time and money
  • with the least intrusion to getting the rest of their job done

TRAINING SYSTEMS offers customized training and HR consulting to all types of industries through the unlimited backgrounds and experiences of our Associates - HR Consultants, Training Designers and Facilitators.

Our Trainers and Associates live and work all over the U.S., just like our clients. Because of this, we always have the time and expertise to handle your customized training and HR consulting needs. Our Associates work together by phone, fax, modem, and a get-together twice a year for planning, polishing our skills, and FUN that includes our advisors, vendors, and their families. TRAINING SYSTEMS is run in a unique way, and we're able to meet your needs because of our unique structure.


FIRST — We learn about your organization, employees, and specific issues to determine the objectives you need to achieve.

SECOND — Working collaboratively with you, we determine how to meet those objectives:

  • If training will meet the objectives, we work with you to design the necessary training content and the best delivery method.
  • If some other intervention is needed, our HR Consultants will plan it with you.

THIRD — We work with you to deliver the training or implement the other intervention.

FOURTH — We help you reinforce the achievements on the job and measure the return on your investment.



About our trainers/consultants