Joining Us As An Associate

First step to join Training Systems as an Associate Submit First Step Form  to TRAINING SYSTEMS with specific comments on how your experience and future interests fit with each of the Successful Associates items below.

Send us examples of your work to be reviewed for fit with TRAINING SYSTEMS' Learning Format, Performance Improvement Delivery Systems, and Words & Phrases to Use In Training Design & Facilitation, HR Consulting and In Conversations With Clients.
HR Consultant examples of job analysis, job descriptions, interview guides, employee handbook, assessment of recruiting problem, work process analysis, or other samples of HR Consulting work.
Training Designer examples of group training (facilitator's guide and learner materials), other training, and a Performance Improvement Plan/Needs Analysis.
Training Facilitator video or at least audio tape of you facilitating (if you have neither, you'll need to create one.)
Also have two clients call us with specific examples of how your skills/interests match those below.
TRAINING SYSTEMS calls you to discuss the examples and how they and your skills/interests fit with TRAINING SYSTEMS' needs:
  TRAINING SYSTEMS, INC. Successful Associates:
HR Consultant Training Designer Training Facilitator
Believe client should only see final looking materials Have facilitated group training using facguide written by someone else
Can write SMART goals and agrees with Words & Phrases to Use Can write SMART goals and agrees with TRAINING SYSTEMS Learning Format, & Words & Phrases to Use, & Performance Improvement Delivery Systems
Have facilitated client work/group/in person discussions before (well)/can keep people on track assertively & don't allow client to lead in wrong direction Have facilitated group training  Have facilitated client work/group/in person discussions before (well)/can keep people on track assertively & don't allow client to lead in wrong direction
Can follow certain written formats needed for client to understand & use info/have no typos/hit deadlines Can follow How to Design for Training System/have no typos/hit deadlines Videotape or in-person evaluation-handle questions & disagreements assertively/keep on track and on time within objective, fast paced, follow facilitator's guide or notes, look prepared
  Have analyzed performance needs  
Read training & HR publications/owns HR & training info books/uses Internet
Are member of training & HR professional associations
Have done subcontract work with training companies before
Own IBM-compatible computer, HP printer model 4, 4P, 6, 6P, 1100, or 1100A, Xerox Document WorkCentre X0100 (600 dpi), Okidata C7200, or other printer compatible with TRAINING SYSTEMS' office, modem.
Have been working from home office and like it
Can handle more than 1 project at a time
Don't "flip out" in time crunch, client missed deadline, computer problem, change of dates
Have made changes needed when new client reviewer enters project
Have good DTP skills in WordPerfect 9 or above, PageMaker 6.5, PowerPoint or Corel Presentations, Word 97 & above, or work with a Desktop Publisher
Can benefit from contributions to the Training Systems "partnership" idea (orientation, TS Associates Manual), brainstorm with others, have access to TS Subject Files, TS training supplies and books
Are extremely organized & detail-oriented in managing projects.
You start as an Associate by:

Completing Getting Started with Training Systems form and all items on it.

Coming to Training Systems' office for orientation and receipt of Associate Manual

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