Associate Updates!

Here's a great calendar for keeping TS up-to-date on your available dates. Print out.

Check the TS Project Kit before starting each project. Do you have the current copy of:

  • PIDDS Chart
  • TS Learning Format
  • Project Agreement template
  • Designer's/Facilitator's Checklist
  • Training Supply List
  • What to Send Where
  • Printing form
  • TS Words & Phrases to Use
  • How to Design for TS
  • How to Format HR Projects
  • HR Consultant's Checklist
  • Facilitator Tips
  • TS Training Resources List
  • DTP Vendor Tips
  • DTP Style Guide
  • Proofreading Guide
  • Proofreading Vendor Tips
  • TS Communicate booklet
Current Associates/Vendor List (  


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