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Managing Your Business -- Aggregates services, products and information for small businesses; offers advice    
expedia.gif Microsoft's travel site includes a full-service online travel agency plus a wealth of free information, including maps, a currency converter, international weather watch and flight information.
smallbiz.gif Small business:
A special area devoted to news and information of vital interest to small business computer users.
issue cover FASTCOMPANY.COMOnline resources including online "how to" guides, research companies, archive search, daily inspiration, customer service, and career center. 
Charitygift -- "the gift that gives twice." Make a charitable donation, and let your recipient choose the charity to receive the donation--100% of gift goes to charity.   
dilbert_logo_2.gif (5078 bytes) The Dilbert Zone    
Dress for Success Dress for Success -- Collects and distributes contemporary, gently used business attire (tax-deductible donation) for low-income women's transition into the workforce. Want to do more to help make a difference? Organize a suit collection drive at your office.    
The Worldwide Holiday & Festival Site -- Comprehensive information about international holidays.
petsmart.gif  PetSmart is leading retailer of pet food, supplies and services
Software -- "This is the least expensive, best customer service software site I've ever seen!" (Carolyn B. Thompson)
smtcm.gif (6505 bytes) TCM: Family Business Links 
smtcm.gif (6505 bytes) TCM: Family Business Links2  
Traveleasy International Inc. Travel Easy: This website brings together 1000's of the finest rental properties from around the world. Learn how renting an exclusive beach front property can actually be less costly than some hotels. -- Build Web site, send e-mail, chat, manage schedule 

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