February, 2001



Cool Recruiting Tips * Life Lessons from Noah * Having Fun at Work * Manager's New Year's Resolutions * Resources to Help You Improve * Cool Calls * How TS... * WINNER FROM LAST ISSUE!!!!! * Help supervisors/managers believe that training, guiding, coaching, supporting their staff everyday is the MOST important part of their job. * Ford provides PC for each employee * Retain Learning by Coaching after Formal Training * Training Systems Associate Tells Us about Training in Finland and Russia * Thrills and Chills to Quell a Steady Tide of Turnover * Places to Go, Things to Do



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*Employee referrals are the most useful recruitment method, say 49% of 2000 Inc. 500 CEO's.

*Use theme for Employee Referral Program (ERP) - Remedy Corp (software developer) gets 50% of new hires from their ERP. Recent themes:

  • "Starship Remedy, the Search for Intelligent Life"
  • "It's a Jungle in Here"

You can imagine the graphics, information, and posters that go along with these imaginative themes. It really creates excitement!

*Growth by Pruning: Layoffs - once an indication of downsizing - today more often point to company growth. According to a recent study by the American Management Association, 70% of companies reporting layoffs last year cut jobs because of new technologies or organizational restructuring, often hiring new permanent or temporary employees with different skills. Only 15% reduced their workforce to decrease overall operations, and 14% did so because of corporate mergers. While this trend can, in part, be attributed to the rapid growth in the economy, it also indicates a shift in the kinds of employees companies want - free agents and other temporary workers to fill the gaps left by pruning.

*Winning the Talent Wars: "Why would you ever hire anyone anyway? My guess is you have a bunch of work you need to get done and you were hoping to find some people to help you. In the workplace of the past, the best way to find help was to look inside your own organization and draw from its stable of FT employees. In the new economy, stop worrying about filling positions on the org chart and start focusing on the actual work that needs to get done.

Staff the work, not the jobs."

Reprint appears courtesy of Bruce Tulgan, founder of RainmakerThinking, Inc. and author of Winning the Talent Wars (W.W. Norton).

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Everything I need to know, I learned from Noah's Ark...

One: Don't miss the boat.

Two: Remember that we are all in the same boat.

Three: Plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah built the Ark.

Four: Stay fit. When you're 60 years old, someone may ask you to do something really big.

Five: Don't listen to critics; just get on with the job that needs to be done.

Six: Build your future on high ground.

Seven: For safety's sake, travel in pairs.

Eight: Speed isn't always an advantage. The snails were on board with the cheetahs.

Nine: When you're stressed, float a while.

Ten: Remember, the Ark was built by amateurs; the Titanic by professionals.

Eleven: No matter the storm, when you are with God, there's always a rainbow waiting.

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*Having fun at work -

Seen: a couple of electric company field service staff who were hiking through backyards with 30+ inches of snow to get to utility boxes, throwing snowballs at each other!

*Not having fun at work - are your meetings as boring as these?: Click on to see one of the most hysterically funny things you'll ever see!

*Manager's New Year's Resolutions -

1. I resolve to retain my employees, making sure they are satisfied in their jobs.

2. I resolve to build trust, respect, and rapport between myself, my colleagues and my employees.

3. I resolve to give feedback appropriately - in private when a correction needs to be made, in public when praise can be given.

4. I resolve to improve my management skills.

5. I resolve to give appreciation often.

6.I resolve to help my employees be successful in their jobs.

7. I resolve to be a good role model.

8. I resolve to build a work environment based on good values that include work life balance.

9. I resolve to clearly define my expectations of employees and mentor them so they can achieve the results we both want.

10. I resolve to be flexible.

From Gloria Dunn, author of From Making a Living to Having a Life: A Book for the Working Challenged.

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Resources to Help You Recruit, Inspire & Retain Employees

Skill Wars, by Dr. Ed E. Gordon
This book helps you learn how to win your battle for productivity & profits. Call 800-469-3560 or go to to order.

Powerful Presentation Music
A two-volume audiocassette series of copyright paid music for training events. Creative Training Techniques, 800-383-9210.

AARP Working Age Newsletter
Now available online, at
A site that offers the ability to match you to charitable organizations by putting in your zip code, time available to volunteer, and your areas of interest. It then gives a list of matching opportunities. Also has a Virtual Volunteering area.

In Concert
A video showing powerful teamwork and determination, using a 30-person orchestra and its conductor, who are asked to perform a piece written for 90 musicians. CRM Learning, 800-421-0833 x118.
An internet job-search site, aimed at helping job-seekers move up the corporate ladder.

Free software program that sprays words of wisdom across your desktop, available from, then click on Downloads.

E-learning Course Publishers: A Comparative Analysis and Industry Directory

The definitive directory of E-learning courseware providers, with evaluations of 25 leading publishers of off-the-shelf WBT products.

Test Generator
A test creation tool, available at

WetFeet Recruiter
A web-based recruitment system to help you source and screen qualified candidates more quickly. Check it out at

Business Costs and Impacts of Turnover Excel Spreadsheet
Available from Gately Consulting. To receive this report, send email to:

Creating Highly Interactive Training Quickly & Effectively, by Carolyn B. Thompson
A great new book that gives you the step-by-step process for putting together group and self-study training of all kinds with all the methods you need! Full of examples illustrating how each piece should look, and photos of actual training, materials & screens. Call 800-469-3560 or visit to order.




About the book, Creating Highly Interactive Training Quickly & Effectively:
"Your book is a little gem! I'm so glad you now have all your wisdom and experience in print for all the hungry ones who need and want it. It's packed with quick, ready-to-use training tips and ideas - read it and smile!" What a compliment, coming from Sharon Bowman, the author of Shake, Rattle & Roll, a great book on using training props. Thanks!

"The articles on statistics on corporate learning were very good - just like the great book I bought from you - you do wonderful work" We're glad Karen Levy told us!

"I just re-read your wonderful book on training and am using it to design upcoming training. Fun & Exciting!" Thanks for your enthusiasm, Jim Ware!

About solution oriented problem solving training we just designed:
"Keeping the objectives simple worked! This is the best module of all you've designed!" We had a riot designing it too - Donna Drake, Jet Aviation. Thanks for your comments, Donna!





WINNER FROM HOW TRAINING Systems Works with Organizations to Help Them Achieve Performance, from January!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS, CARL WREDE FROM NEUMANN HOMES! Carl won a free book by finding the screen on our Website listing the 4 steps of "How We Work With You", and pasting the steps into an e-mailto: Yeah, Carl!

The 4 Steps Are:

FIRST - We learn about your organization, employees and specific issues to determine the objectives you need to achieve.

SECOND - Working collaboratively with you, we determine how to meet those objectives:

*If training will meet the objectives, we work with you to design the necessary training content and the best delivery method.

* If some other intervention is needed, our HR Consultants will plan it with you.

THIRD - Then we work with you to deliver the training or implement the other intervention.

FOURTH - We help you reinforce the achievements on the job and measure the return on your investment.




*Help supervisors/managers believe that training, guiding, coaching, supporting their staff everyday is the MOST important part of their job. Then everything else (attendance, punctuality, speed, safety, quality, customer service) will fall into place!

*Neumann Homes demonstrates its commitment to the development of its team members by encouraging all team members to complete 100 hours of training each year. Additionally, leaders in the company are expected to devote a full 20% of their working time to training and developing Neumann team members.

Carl Wrede, Learning Specialist, Neumann Homes

*Ford Motor Company is providing each of its 350,000 employees worldwide with a home computer, color printer, and unlimited access to the Internet for about $5/month. The impetus was to "leap the digital divide" that's thought to separate people who can afford home PCs from people who can't. Ford believes that the $300 million cost of the program will be compensated in no time by the financial benefits of making all of its employees computer literate.

From Training & Development magazine, August 2000

*Provide coaching to help employees use what they learned on the job. Though we know, as managers, that we need to support/follow-up with employees after training to help them apply what they learned, our best of intentions may take a back seat to the clock. Let the training vendor do it:

"It's been my experience that without the coaching piece as a formal follow-up, most people retain very little because once back in their "work a day" world, they will default to what they are used to. Organizations generally appreciate the option (even though it costs more up front money!) because they know that their investment is "lost" down the road if people don't actually apply what they are learning. The majority of people can't remember what they learned in training 60 days out and certainly aren't applying it on the job. The customary 30 day check-in feedback that many companies do after training gives them no real idea what actual impact the training is having on the job"

From our coach, Dave Breslow

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Excerpts from the travel Journal of Steve Sligar:

*I experience the first of many days of very formal learning that is presented in the classic lecture style. I use and continue to use my personal method of maintaining concentration and in some instances consciousness - taking copious notes.

*Learning is more than technical skills but learning how to learn.

* It was at this point that I began to develop a great respect for the Finns (and later the Russians, Estonians and Dutch) for their ability to think at such a high conceptual level in their second, third, or even fourth language! I was humbled. This respect is another of the basic understandings I take home from the experience.

*...while the Americans were more post modern in their approach and analysis. The Finns were also more formal in their presentation of the material as contrasted with the informal approach of the Americans.

* times like this I see how the term "ugly American" came into use. I experienced this same shame during some lectures at Lahti and again in Russia. I am disappointed that the good manners and restraint shown by our European colleagues were not always reciprocated.

*Our guide's use of a pointer served to ferment a stereotype of the need for power by the instructor - I wonder what she would think of Knowles approach to adult education??

*The visit to Nokia was in sharp contrast to the Russian sites we visited. The presenter's metaphor of Internet based learning, "it is like an astronaut riding an old horse", was on target with her presentation. I also liked her point about working and learning so they (the workers) do not know that they work and learn. One of the barriers facing the learning organization is that the mind set for learning is so traditional.

*Despite fatigue and content overload, I found it very easy to learn from our Dutch colleagues. Their approach to research and the delivery of education was very close to how we practice in the U.S.

*...upon completing the exercise I felt exhilarated instead of drained. Action oriented participative learning works, especially on a group of fatigued adult learners.

*...this use of strategic HRD to develop and manage knowledge was based on the notion that you cannot be smarter than what you are already in the sense of innate intelligence. Business can be smarter in the sense of knowledge management if this is recognized and made a part of the business plan.




*There is 15% turnover in 2000 Inc. 500 companies.

*Companies that perceive their retention efforts as more effective also tend to offer employees a greater variety of benefits and programs intended to reduce turnover. While some of these involve financial rewards, others address employees' career aspirations and need for flexibility. Companies that are rated highly by their own employees provide a greater variety of retention-related benefits, such as retention bonuses, alternative career opportunities, succession planning for key employee groups, employee development and flexible work schedules.

*Thrills and Chills to Quell a Steady Tide of Turnover: -Adventure trips, like white-water rafting, horseback riding, hunting, fishing trips with destinations ranging from Alaska to South America to South Africa. These experiences bring people together under unusual circumstances where the bonds of team work are strengthened.

-The Richard Petty Driving Experience adds a definite element of excitement to a company's incentive program. They offer a ride behind the wheel or in the passenger seat of an authentic, 630-horsepower Winston Cup-style stock car, reaching heart-pounding speeds of more than 125 miles per hour.

Contact Bill Watt, Performance Motives, Waukesha, WI, 262-513-8070 or Lisa A. Shavatt, The Richard Petty Driving Experience,, Orlando, FL, 407-939-0130.

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February 12-15, 2001
Christian Management Association's CMA Orlando 2001 at The Rosen Centre Hotel, Orlando, FL. Carolyn B. Thompson, President of TRAINING SYSTEMS, INC. & Gary Shoup, Director of Training & Development, Hines Horticulture, Inc., will be facilitating a session on Employee Motivation: Inspiring Others Jesus' Way.
800-727-4CMA or

February 27, 2001
National Fun Day! Celebrate by giving each department a Fun First Aid Kit filled with Silly Putty, funny faces, "No Whining" buttons, confetti, etc. Send email to: for more ideas.

March 12-14, 2001
Dave Meier's 3-Day Accelerated Learning Training Methods Workshop, Orlando Airport Marriott, Orland, FL, 407-851-9000

March 15-16, 2001
ASAE On-line Learning Professional Development Forum, Hyatt Regency, Bethesda, Maryland.,,50243,00.html

March 19-21, 2001
AQP 234rd Annual Spring Conference and Resource Mart: MAX 2001, Chicago IL. Mike Singletary is one of the many wonderful keynote speakers! 800-733-3310

April 1-4, 2001
Human Resource Planning Society Conference, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas NV. 212-49-6387 or

April 8-12, 2001
ISPI Conference, San Francisco, CA. Carolyn B. Thompson, President of Training Systems, Inc., is facilitating 3 sessions on interactive training. 202-408-7969,

April 9-11, 2001
Dave Meier's 3-Day Accelerated Learning Training Methods Workshop, Orlando Airport Marriott, Orland, FL, 407-851-9000

April 16-20, 2001
WBT Producer Conference & Expo, Anaheim CA. Join THE event for professionals involved in the management, design, implementation, development and production of Web-based training and e-learning.


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