Subject: Recruit, Inspire & Retain, June, 2001


June, 2001

Recruit Constantly! * Who's Wearing Fun Meters? *
Leisure Comes from the Latin word scola, which means
school * Resources to Help You Improve * Want
Performance? * How to Keep Good Employees Year After
Year * Places to Go, Things to Do

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Recruit Constantly!

Whether in the best of times or the worst of times, help
people learn that you're a great place to work ó you
need to recruit constantly!

= Agilent Technologies upgraded its corporate web site
to wow potential recruits. It directs visitors to their
"dream job" by pre-screening based on experience,
education, and skills.

= Agilent Technologies pays more attention to current
employees. They believe that unhappy people let others
know about it, costing millions in turnover, reduced
productivity, and downcast employees who scare off
potential recruits.

= Kambay Inc. follows a published "People Care
Quality Recruitment - Focus on Resilient Associates.
Values Based Culture - An environment that fosters high
Competitive Remuneration - Towards ensuring quality
Holistic Growth - Multiple paths for well rounded
Exit Management - Focus on "Leave As Friends".

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...Entergy In-Line Facilitators who used them, and the
positive outlook they engender, in their after training
pool tournament!



When it comes to verbiage, less often is more:

Pythagorean theorem: 24 words.

The Lord's Prayer: 66 words.

Archimedes' Principle: 67 words.

The 10 Commandments: 179 words.

Lincoln's Gettysburg Address: 286 words.

The U.S. Declaration of Independence: 1,300 words.

The U.S. Government regulations on the sale of cabbage:
26,911 words.

from The LangaList E-Newsletter,

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~ Leisure Comes from the Latin word scola, which means

Summer seems to be a time when we relax a little bit,
try to focus a little more on important relationships,
and enjoy some of the beauty of God's creation. All of
these are really, really good things. Yet we do not
often think of summer as a time of learning.

Leisure provides the opportunity to think and talk about
those things that normally get crowded out of our lives,
and to do it with the people whom we often take for
granted. It is a time to look at values and purpose and
meaning - the things that make life worth living. It is
in leisure that we find the opportunity to learn. I'm
not talking about desks and chalkboards. I am talking
about asking the important questions - of ourselves, of
others, and of God.

So, amid all of the other things that this summer has
for us, ask the questions:

"What am I learning this summer?"
"What have I read?"
"Who have I talked to?"
"What have I been thinking and praying about?"

excerpts from The Anglican Digest (Whitsuntide 2001)

~ Also read "Slack: Getting Past Busy Work, Burnout &
the Myth of Total Efficiency" by Tom DeMarco, who
advocates downtime in employees' days to assess, plan &


Resources to Help You
Recruit, Inspire & Retain Employees

Software FlipCards
Quick, easy reference cards for Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
Outlook, Lotus Notes. FlipCards mount onto any size
monitor with self stick hinges that allow the cards to flip out of the way when you're not using them.
Custom FlipCards
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information you need.
3"x11" clear vinyl sleeves you can put your own info
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SalesDriver: Turbocharge Your Sales Force
Create and run a compelling sales incentive program on-line. Your sales people choose from over 1,500 top-drawer rewards when they hit targets you set. The
service is free-you pay only for rewards.

ToonUps and StarGrams
Animated messages that improve skills and boost morale
delivered directly to your staffs desktops. Send via e-mail, as reminders, or incorporate them into your
training classes. Download a FREE DEMO at

Study Abroad
Learn Spanish and Portuguese in Chile, Argentina, &
Brazil. You'll speak only the language being learned -
no translations in the classroom, so you learn to think
in your new language. Contact Bridge Linguatec
International at 800-724-4210 or

The Coach's Calendar
More than just a wall calendar. It's a monthly plan to
implement what great coaches do. This "intelligent"
calendar maps out the most successful coaching tips and
activities to drive success throughout the year.
Includes weekly team-building activities. Call 800-410-2677.

"Interactive Self-Study" CD-ROM
Packed with self-evaluations, real-world scenarios,
expert commentary, and light-hearted humor that are sure
to increase efficiency! A few topics: Conflict
Management, Team Problem Solving, Calming Upset
Customers, Effective Meeting Skills, Successful
Negotiation, and many more. Call 800-469-3560/e-mail to: for a complete list and to get a
free sampler CD.

Creating Highly Interactive Training Quickly &
Effectively, by Carolyn B. Thompson
Gives you the step-by-step process for putting together
group and self-study training of all kinds with all the
methods you need! Full of examples illustrating how each
piece should look, and photos of actual training,
materials & screens. Call 800-469-3560 or visit to order.



*Want Performance?
Here's what ever person needs:
^ Streamlined Processes
^ Skills
^ Execution
^ Resources:
decision making
sharing info
conflict resolution
meeting of expectations
excerpted from Mark Samuels @ 2001 ISPI Conference

* A Few Stats:

^ The "average" employee stays in their current job
about 2.5 years.

^ A "job" remains stable for only six to nine months &
therefore the "half-life" of training curricula is four
to six months.

^ Total training expenditures within the corporate
segment will not shrink but will become more focused on
function specific content.

^ "Just in Time" training will become the rule with the
concomitant emphasis on distance delivery channels.

excerpted from Tom Pipal, Director, Corporate Training &
Development, WorldCom @ 2001 ISPI Conference.

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How to Keep Good Employees Year After Year
Today, many employees feel as if they're on their own.
How do you retain good employees when they see
themselves as free agents, responsible for taking care
of themselves and their careers, and willing to jump to
your competitor if the offer is right?

1. Set Goals, Instead of Rules
Employees are most excited when they feel they're
accomplishing something meaningful at
work. That's why goals are more important than rules -
they focus employees on what they
should be doing; rules tell them what they should avoid

When Gordon Bethune became president at Continental
Airlines, the airline was despised by just about
everyone -travelers, stockholders, and not surprisingly,
employees. In "From Worst to First" (John Wiley & Sons,
1998), the insightful CEO tells what he did to turn the
company around: he stopped cutting costs everywhere and
got everybody excited about a new major company goal.
Industry research showed that the most important thing
airline passengers want is to get to their destination
on time. This became Continental's number-one goal and
rallying point.

Everyone, from the pilot to the caterer, was empowered
to do whatever he or she could to
make it happen. If necessary, they could even decide to
forget the employee manual. They
were challenged to make one thing happen - get the
planes taking off and landing on time.

Within one year, Continental went from last place among
the top 10 airlines to seventh. The following year they
hit number one! That one goal, and the empowerment to
meet it, turned a demoralized workforce into one of the
most loyal groups of employees around.

2. Share the Rewards
New forms of pay can help rekindle loyalty - giving more
bonuses to non-management employees, selling shares of
stock at discounted prices, and handing out slices of
company profits. This works both at large companies and

At Continental, each of the 40,000+ employees receives a
share ($65) of the money saved (some $2.5 million) every
month the airlines realizes its on-time goal. A small DMC does something similar: When the company meets its
profitability goals for the year, everyone shares
equally in the financial rewards. Why shouldn't they?
After all, they are the ones who have made the company

3. Encourage Job Flexibility
When work becomes routine, we tend to lose interest and
look elsewhere for new challenges. Keeping people
interested requires a proactive approach on the part of
the managers. Today's new breed of business leaders must
know their people's career desires and continually try
to match them with the changing opportunities within the

AT&T, for example, has developed a pilot program to do
just that. In Workforce 21,
employees' skills and aspirations are assessed. Then the
employees are affiliated with like-
minded colleagues. They form one of AT&T's Knowledge
Centers, available to work on any
of the company's varied projects. As business challenges
arise, they are moved from one unit to another to
utilize their core competencies and skills, in a
just-in-time fashion.

At Motorola, managers ask all employees six questions
every quarter. One of them is: what prevents you from
doing your job 100 percent? Managers review their
employees' responses within two weeks and work to remove
whatever has been identified as an obstacle to job
satisfaction and career fulfillment.

Use these three proactive tactics to rebuild the
employee loyalty your company needs for business

excerpted form Michael McCann's E-lert 8/00.

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June 24-27, 2001
Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), San
Francisco Convention Center, San Francisco, CA,

June 22, 2001
Take Your Dog to Work Day, recognizing the benefits of
canine companionship and encouraging adoptions from
shelters and animal rescue groups,

June 26 - July 1, 2001
The Association for Psychological Type XIV International
Conference, Marriott City Center, Minneapolis, MN,

July 16-18, 2001
ASTD's Human Performance Improvement in the Workplace
seminar, Washington, D.C.,

July 22-24, 2001
Meeting Professionals International Conference, The
Venetian, Las Vegas, NV,

July 30-August 1, 2001
ASTD's Human Performance Improvement in the Workplace
seminar, Denver, CO,

August 6-9, 2001
International Conference on Advanced Learning
Technologies, University of Wisconsin, Madison,

August 9-10,2001
DePaul University's Organizational Analysis and Design
OD Certification Class, Loop Campus,

September 10-11,2001
DePaul University's Retaining Top Talent: The Leader's
Role in Talent Streaming OD Certification Class, Loop


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