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September, 2000


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 The Future of "Work"

(ideas from The Brand You 50, The Project 50, by Tom Peters and "What Will We Do For Work", 5-22-00 Time Magazine article by Tom Peters)

I grew up in a house where "work" was discussed as a fun thing (and yes, I do mean the job you got paid for every day). My parents discussed the work days doings right along with their various volunteer doings, our school work and activities all in the chit-chatting language of people who see their life as a whole. Pretty progressive for the 1960’s and for what I certainly thought of then as my "fuddy duddy" parents.

Where we continue to be going - led in no small part by those fun loving Generation Y-ers (cursor Retain the Best for more on them) -is to a wholeness in our lives.

Consider a Tom Peters prediction and his reasons: 90% of white collar jobs in the U.S. will be destroyed on altered beyond recognition in 10-15 years.

*Reason 1 - competition dot coms and they move at the speed of light.

*Reason 2 - software tools that hook every aspect of your business together (ex SAP) - so you can actually work faster and keep up with those dot coms if you’re not one.

*Reason 3 - a growing increase in outsourcing of all functions - particularly to companies in countries with lots of educated people working for a lot fewer dollars.

*Reason 4 - electronic business to business commerce - soon to equal trillions of dollars in transactions and, you guessed it, really fast with few people.

*Reason 5 - the speed of change - Peters’ example, "it took 37 years for radio to get to 50 million homes, it took for the Web", needs no explanation!

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*Seminar participants learning how to measure training ROI all wore Fun Meters. Throughout the learning time, they moved the dial to Medium or Minimum fun when they didn’t understand or simply weren’t having fun. I got the message and changed my training strategy.

You, your employees, and your customers could be having FUN wearing Fun Meters - send e-mail to and we’ll send you ordering information. Also see a photo of a Fun Meter on our web site



*What jobs have been phased out recently?


  • outsourced to ________________(kind of company)?
  • function added to someone else’s job?
  • computer/software doing the job?
  • other ________________________?

*Do you work the same, longer, or shorter hours this year than last?

*Is your organization "treading water", "losing ground", or "making strides"?

How is work changing in YOUR organization? E-mail your answers to, and we’ll e-mail you a FREE Inspirational Poster.



15 Reasons to Turn off Your Computer:

1. You wake up at 3 AM to go to the bathroom and stop to check your e-mail on the way back to bed.

2. You name your children Eudora, AOL and dotcom.

3. You turn off your modem and get this awful empty feeling, as if you just pulled the plug on a loved one.

4. You spend half of the plane trip with your laptop on your lap...and your child in the overhead compartment.

5. You decide to stay in college for an additional year or two, just for the free internet access.

6. You laugh at people with 14.4-baud modems.

7. You start using smileys in your snail mail.

8. You find yourself typing "com" after every period when using a word

9. You can’t call your mother...she doesn’t have a modem.

10. You check your mail. It says "no new messages". So you check it again.

11. You don’t know what gender three of your closest friends are, because they have neutral screennames and you never bothered to ask.

12. You move into a new house and decide to Netscape before you Landscape.

13. You tell the cab driver you live at...

14. You start tilting your head sideways to smile.

15. After reading this, you immediately e-mail it to a friend!!!


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You’ve heard us say it before - recruiting is simply marketing and sales. Use what you already know about finding and attracting customers to find the best employees for your organization!

To make the small step from marketing to customers to marketing to potential employees, use the same methods (target the people who’ll be most successful for the job) and strategies that work for your target customer). Then use your creative genius to change marketing strategies to recruitment strategies. You are a creative genius you know:

Creativity starts with a Y...

Are you a creative genius? If you’re like most people you just answered no. Pity, because you are!

How many times today will you ask yourself, "why" something is the way it is? Each "why" is potentially a door into creativity...

What do you do with all your little "why’s"? Do you ignore them? Or do you seek out answers? How many doors to creativity do you pass by each day?

We are always questioning the world around us and then ignoring those questions. We think that things are the way they are for good reason, and who are we to question the status quo?

These internal mutterings are very effective at stopping creativity at the source.

So stop those mutterings and let your creativity take over!

Want proof? OK...we go home each night and sleep. At the very moment we fall asleep, we create the most fantastic dreams.

We’re already creative geniuses...we should just forget out P’s & Q’s and learn to count our "Why’s".

Adapted from Peter de Jager, Technobility.

Call us at 800-469-3560 for help "creating" a recruiting strategy from your marketing strategy.

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You know your staff needs computer hardware/software training when they have these kind of conversations with Tech Support:

*Support: "Ma’am, are you "running it under Windows?"

Woman: "No, my desk is next to the door. But that is a good point. The man sitting in the cubicle next to me is under a window, and his is working fine."

*Customer: "So that’ll get me connected to the Internet, right?" Tech Support: "Yeah." Customer: "And that’s the latest version of the Internet, right?" Tech Support: "Uhh...uh...uh...yeah."

*I worked with an individual who plugged his power strip back into itself and for the life of him could not understand why the computer would not turn on.

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Resources to Help You

Recruit, Inspire & Retain Employees

Creating Highly Interactive Training Quickly & Effectively, by Carolyn B. Thompson. A great new book that gives you the step-by-step process for putting together group and self-study training with all the methods you need! Full of examples illustrating how each piece should look, and photos of actual training. Call 800-469-3560 or visit to order.

 Skill Wars, by Dr. Ed E. Gordon

This book helps you learn how to win your battle for

productivity & profits. See excerpts in April issue, available in archives at Call 800-469-3560 or go to to order.

 Straight Talk for Employers! (2-tape cassette set)

When you drive, how fast is your mind growing? With STRAIGHT TALK FOR EMPLOYERS!, you can discover innovative and effective ways to recruit, inspire & retain great employees! ...and more! While you drive! Call 800-469-3560 or go to to order.

 EyeWire is a great site for stock photography, typefaces, illustrations, and clip art. It also has great resource sections, including: artist profiles, suggestions and tips, and links to other site, and a "Goodies" section that has free plug-ins and utilities. Visit

 Here’s several sites with game development tools:


the Palace:



 Check out the web site that lists all features of most of the Distance Training Technology Platforms available:

 Create on-line surveys fore FREE at Digital Solutions’ web site at

 Link to hundreds of other great tools and resources at

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Can you say your company’s mission statement? Well, we’re waiting. Ah, hah, you need to run and look at it on the wall. Why? Too many words and words that don’t mean anything to you? You are not alone.

Here’s what we did with a company who’s staff couldn’t come to consensus on anything because no one had the same goals (a requirement for coming to consensus). The first goal of every employee is to fulfill the mission. Tough to do if you’re having trouble understanding it.


*We wrote each word of their mission on a separate 8 2 x 11 piece of paper and taped them in order around the room (it completely circled the room and then some!).

*Executive staff then began taking down each word (piece of paper) that wasn’t need for understanding the statement.

*They then looked for what words were left on the wall that were hard to understand and wrote various replacements on the paper.

*All the replacement words were written individually on 8 2 X 11 paper, put up on the wall one by one (discussion throughout) until everyone agreed on one.

End result - a 3 paragraph 50+ word mission became an 8 word mission. It was then written on everything and all managers (50) practiced making decision after decision using the mission statement as their guide (as in, Also how will that relate to our mission?").

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Inspiring starts with your executives B

Demonstrating authentic, capable and faith-filled leadership in today’s marketplace requires personal discipline, extraordinary skill and the willingness to change. The pace of organizational life is accelerating and the rules are changing, producing a reinvented, constantly evolving work environment.

According to a recent issue of Fortune magazine, "Times could hardly be more trying for people all up and down the corporate ladder." The context of work is framed by change B leaders who operate from a spiritual center must embrace their own personal change if they intend to lead their organizations effectively.

How can leaders meet the dynamic challenges of the current marketplace? Executive coaching is emerging as the solution to today’s most pressing leadership challenges. "We have a lot of people who were trained to be superb managers but now have horrendous leadership challenges thrown at them", John Kotter of Harvard Business School told Fortune. "I think a lot of coaching is aimed at trying to help people develop skills and actions that are different from what they grew up with."

Executive coaching is the art of one-on-one change to help managers and executives achieve their greatest potential for success. "Coaching bridges the growing chasm between what managers are being asked to do and what they have been trained to do," Fortune says. Executive coaching goes beyond mentoring by helping leaders fine-tune their leadership abilities through intentional action steps and external accountability.

Change precipitates growth, and coaching is a personal change process that affects the growth potential of organizations through building better leaders.

Used with permission, Life@Work Journal, Vol. 3, No.5 by Bernice Ledbetter.

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Managing Generation Y

Here they come: the fourteenth generation of Americans. Self-confident and optimistic. Independent and goal-oriented. Masters of the Internet and PC. Young adults who believe education is cool, integrity is admirable, and parents are role models. They’re blunt. They’re savvy. They’re contradictory.

They’re the 29 million children of Baby Boomers, born between 1978 and 1984 whose presence will continue to grow every year for the next ten years.

What do Generation Yers expect from you?

1. Provide challenging work that really matters.

2. Balance clearly delegated assignments with the freedom and flexibility to produce results in their own way.

3. Offer increasing responsibility as a reward for accomplishments.

4. Spend time getting to know them and their capabilities.

5. Provide on-going training and learning opportunities.

6. Establish mentoring relationships.

7. Create a comfortable, low-stress environment - allowing some flexibility in scheduling and joking around while still getting the job done.

8. Balance roles of "boss" with "team player" - treat them as colleagues, not as interns, assistants, or "teenagers".

9. Be respectful and call forth respect in return.

10. Consistently provide constructive feedback ("good job"/"need to improve").

Adapted with permission Rainmaker Thinking, 8/11/00, by Dr. Carolyn Martin, co-author of Managing Generation Y (HRD Press).

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Put the Training Systems, Inc. web site on your

Windows taskbar! Just right click a blank area of your

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September 18-21

The Association for Psychological Type’s MBTI Qualifying Training, Chicago, IL. Call 847-375-4714 for information and to register.

October 1-4

Corporate University Week 2000, DoubleTree Paradise Valley Resort, Scottsdale, AZ. Call 800-882-8684 or visit for registration information.

October 2-4

Dave Meier’s Accelerated Learning Training Methods workshop, The Geneva Inn, Lake Geneva, WI, Call 800-441-5881 to register.

October 5-7

Fragile Brain: Learning with the Brain in Mind Workshop, Houston, TX. Call 888-638-7246 to register.

October 12-14

Fragile Brain: Learning with the Brain in Mind Workshop, Chicago, IL. Call 888-638-7246 to register.

October 16-18

Dave Meier’s Accelerated Learning Training Methods workshop, Embassy Suites, Dallas, TX. Call 972-364-3640 to register.

October 26-28

Fragile Brain: Learning with the Brain in Mind Workshop,

Sturbridge, MA. Call 888-638-7246 to register.

October 28

MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY! Visit for funding ideas, planning guides and to register your plans in the national Make A Difference DaytaBank. Or call 800-416-3824 for a brochure.

October 30-November 2

Organizational Excellence Conference & Expo: Improving Performance through Assessment, Measurement and Alignment, Chicago Marriott Downtown, Chicago, IL. Call 781-862-3157 or visit to register.

November 15-18

Building a Positive Work Environment 2000: Proven techniques for enhancing employee morale, productivity, and business results, Loews Coronado Bay Resort, San Diego, CA. Call 781-862-3157 or visit to register.

October 7-10, 2001

14th Annual Benefits Management Forum & Expo, Hyatt Regency Atlanta, Atlanta, GA. Call 800-966-3976 or visit for conference updates and to register.


Global Volunteers - be part of a team of active and retired business people to help local entrepreneurs around the world. These 2 or 3 week business-teaching programs enable you to share knowledge of practical business principles with current and future business leaders. Volunteers are needed for business instruction and consultation projects in China, the Cook Islands, Poland, and Ukraine. Call 800-487-1074 for details.


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