October, 2001
Where Can You Find the People You Want to Hire on the 
Internet? * Who’s Wearing Fun Meters? * New Words = New 
Definitions * Balancing Expressions of Anger in Your 
Workplace * Cool Calls * How Organizations Have Adjusted 
Learning and Collaboration in Response to the Terrorist 
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Where Can You Find the People You Want to Hire on the 
Some are free to post job openings/some have a fee:
 – http://QuickTrainingTips.com    (click on Job Bank)
 - http://www.ispi.org
 - http://www.astd.org
 – http://www.jobsinaflash.org
 - http://www.ComputerJobs.com
 - http://www.earthweb.com
 - http://www.sillsvillage.com
 - http://www.Itcareers.com
 - http://www.LatPro.com
 - http://www.hrsolutionsinc.com/jobs.htm
 - http://www.shrm.org
*Various Industries
 - http://www.cruelworld.com
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the Chicago Tribune gives EsRock a .10/line discount for 
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ADMINISPHERE. The rarefied organizational layers of 
upper management. As in: “We have to do it; the orders 
came from the adminisphere.”
ALPHA GEEK. The person in your group who knows the most about computers.
BEEPILEPSY. That quick body jolt you see when someone’s 
beeper goes off.
BLAMESTORMING. Getting together with co-workers to talk 
about why a deadline was missed or a proposal rejected.
CLM (CAREER LIMITING MOVE). Making a nasty comment about 
your boss while she’s within earshot, or mistakenly 
sending a nasty interoffice message to the wrong person.
EGO SURGING. Typing in your own name on search engines.
FLIGHT RISK. Employee who seems destined to leave the 
company soon.
IDEA HAMSTERS. Energetic sTAFF who always come up with 
fresh concepts.
PERCUSSIVE MAINTENANCE. Attacking a technical problem by 
whacking the offending machine several times (see the 
movie “Office Space” for an expert demo).
SEAGULL MANAGERS. Mid-level executive who has a 
propensity for showing up at your desk, making a lot of 
noise, leaving a mess over everything, then flying off 
(also in his/her office space).
SWIPED OUT. What happens when an ATM card’s magnetic 
strip has been worn out due to constant use.
UNINSTALLED. Fired from the job; e.g., “They uninstalled 
Freddie today!”
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Balancing Expressions of Anger in Your Workplace
The unrestrained, inappropriate and entirely exaggerated 
rage that seems to explode from people always catches me 
by surprise.
Breakneck technological change, downsizing, increased 
workloads, the obviously real terrorist threat around 
the world, and uncertainty about the fate of our jobs 
and organization is causing stress, worry, and anger in 
today’s workforce. While most anger in the workplace is 
expressed in non-violent ways, having angry employees 
and managers who don’t know how to deal with them is 
very costly for organizations.
We each have moments when our frustration boils over. 
I’ve had a few myself. But I think we should all calm 
down a little. No, make that a lot.
The Costs
1. Feeling and expressing intense anger is physically 
harmful for the employee. Recent research shows that 
getting angry with others, far from releasing stress, 
actually increases blood pressure, and over time, can 
lead to increased incidence of heart disease.
2. Anger gets in the way of rational thinking - people 
don’t think straight when they are mad. In work teams, 
angry people can disrupt task performance and cause 
other group members to take fewer risks and provide less 
3. Angry people may sabotage goals and decrease others’ 
motivation. Good employees won’t (and shouldn’t) work in 
places where they feel threatened, disrespected, and 
The Solution: Balancing the Expression of Anger
1. Always listen to and understand employees, so you can 
help them manage anger before it gets out of hand.
2. React to the source of employee anger rather than the 
expression of anger. Carefully evaluate the source of 
anger and consider available remedies.
3. Foster a workplace climate where appropriate 
expressions of anger are acceptable and relatively risk-free. 
Gain insight into what employees are feeling 
without letting those feelings erupt into anger that 
harms the team’s camaraderie and performance.
Adapted with permission from an article by Donald E. 
Gibson, Ph.D., an Associate with RainmakerThinking, Inc. 
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*Tenia Burton - Blue Cross/Blue Shield in MI called to 
ask us to facilitate again a session we did several 
years ago for them, “Maintaining a Positive Outlook No 
Matter What Happens to You!”. She said she had 2 hours 
and when we said it was only a 1 hour session years ago she said, 
“People still make comments from that session! 
They obviously learned and so there’s no need to change 
*Roger Hirschman - Cabinets4You in Bolingbrook, IL, 
called to say he gave one of our posters on positive 
action to his daughter who remarked that she 
participated in a session TRAINING SYSTEMS, INC. did for 
the Chamber of Commerce, and she’s used the ideas many 
times in the past month.
*Syl Black - Allstate TechCor in Palatine, IL, saw 
TRAINING SYSTEMS, INC. at a training session on what 
words to use to create really effective learning. He 
told us that he’s implemented many things from the 
training we did with the training designers and 
facilitators in his organization and he’s now writing a 
really rough draft of training in 1 day and giving it to 
a facilitator who’s now able to give him specific 
comments before the design in finished.
How Organizations Have Adjusted Learning and 
Collaboration in Response to the Terrorist Attacks
“The trend here, is to as much as possible, not change 
plans in order to go forward without giving in to fear. 
Our institution has set a unifying atmosphere in 
comments about being positive to those among us from 
Arabic traditions, to encourage inclusion and unity, 
rather than division and blame.” 
“It has focused our efforts to further our use of 
web-based training delivery and collaboration 
“We offer a domestic preparedness classroom course to 
prepare staff for terrorist’s attacks and the potential 
impacts on our organization (We are a large hospital 
system). Our next class scheduled for early October 
filled up the day after the attacks. Normally these 
classes have minimal attendance. 
“Our focus has already been on using technology for 
training and collaboration. That focus has been 
reaffirmed by the recent events.” 
“We are in the midst of business planning and budgeting 
for next year. As training manager, I’m now looking to 
include budget for virtual classroom and asynchronous 
learning technologies where I couldn’t find a corporate 
appetite before.”
Answers to Survey Questions:
Have recent events increased your organization’s use of 
collaborative technologies?
55% No Change
32% Increased use of telephone conferencing
18% Increased use of video conferencing
15% Increased use of instant messenger and email
13% Increased use of web-based classroom conferencing
Has your organization cancelled any training offerings 
due to these events?
48% Yes
52% No
Has your organization added any training offering due to 
these events?
88% No
12% Yes
This survey was done at the request of The MASIE 
Center’s Training colleagues, as they have worked to 
design a corporate response to recent events. The survey 
was taken by 1,609 training and human resource 
professionals from 25 countries around the world (86% 
U.S. and 14% international). The data was collected from 
11:00 a.m. September 19th  to 5:00 p.m. September 20th.
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Letting Go: Terminating Employees Sensitively and 
()Avoid giving in to a need to soften the blow by 
calling a firing a layoff or reduction-in-force. 
This complicates matters and can even lead to legal problems, 
especially if you turn around and hire a replacement.
()If you need to trim staff in a department, first 
identify the most expendable position and then determine 
which employee is least able to handle the remaining 
duties. Also, avoid weakening yourself unnecessarily by 
honoring seniority when you’d rather dismiss a poor 
performer. Helen Drinan, CEO of the Society for Human 
Resource Management, says lay-off policies should 
specify that performance is a criterion so employees 
have been put on notice.
()Make sure you can support your lay-off decisions with 
well-documented performance records for terminated as 
well as remaining employees.
()If an employee is surprised by a termination for poor 
performance, you’re more likely to encounter a lawsuit. 
Make sure employees are receiving frequent, specific, 
documented feedback about any performance shortcomings.
There were so many great ideas we ran out of space. Go 
to http://www.trainingsys.com, RETAIN TIPS to print the 
reprinted with permission of our friends at the Human 
Resource Department, Cleveland OH.
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October 23-24, 2001
The 2001 Human Resources Conference: HR Challenges for
the 21st Century, The Waldorf-Astoria, New York, NY, 
October 27, 2001
11th Annual Make A Difference Day, http://www.makeadifferenceday.com
October 28-31, 2001
TechLearn 2001 & The World eLearning Congress, Walt 
Disney World, Orlando, FL, http://www.techlearn.com
October 30 - November 1, 2001
KMWorld Conference and Exposition, Santa Clara, CA, http://www.infotoday.com
November 5-7, 2001
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workshop, Jurys Hotel, Washington DC, http://www.alcenter.com
November 7-11, 2001
International Career Development Conference, DoubleTree
Hotel at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, http://www.careerccc.com
November 27-30, 2001
Corporate University Week 2001, Orlando, FL, http://www.cuweek.com
December 3-5, 2001
Dave Meier’s 3-day Accelerated Learning Training Methods 
workshop, Embassy Suites Biltmore, Phoenix, AZ, http://www.alcenter.com
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