Strategic Planning

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Did your planning session look like this?  No...
You need:

Mission, Vision, Values and Yearly Goal Setting

Helps individuals see how their plans fit with those of the organization. This allows them to help achieve your organization’s goals and theirs! Perfect for staff of any organization, association Boards, church governing councils...... 

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TRAINING SYSTEMS, INC. facilitator help you determine the best methods for your planning and then facilitate for your success!

EXAMPLES OF METHODS WE’VE USED (we’ll develop these with you)

5 questions to success 
1. How do you want the nature of your business (or “our business” if employees) to change? 
2. What are your professional & personal goals for next year? 
3. What do you see as your (“our”) best opportunities? 
4. What are the biggest threats to your (“our”) success?
5. What will you do every day to achieve the organization’s overall goal(s)?
  We use a 5' x 5' game board w/up to 26 paths to the center (a picture of your organization’s goal). More than 26 people? We use more game boards. Each path has 5 spaces corresponding to a question they'll answer during the time we work together.

Before the time together, each person receives information to help prepare for the session.

  During the planning time together, everyone circles around the game board and planning begins. The method varies for each of the 5 spaces/questions to keep the planning very fun and interactive.

To Live the Organization Vision Daily
Create/update your mission and vision and set plans/goals to live it daily using the video of the Pike Place Fish Market who became their vision - “to be world famous” - by employees setting values that achieve the mission/vision, committing to the vision, being the values and coaching others on those values. 
Have Your Best Year Yet! 
Need to figure out why the past year’s goals weren’t met, set goals for this year that you will implement, have a coach to help you/make you accountable? We have certified Best Year Yet® coaches who can use the BYY® technology to make sure you have breakthrough results this year!
Any Other Method We Can Dream Up with You to Help You Make Plans You Can Achieve


Each employee or Board member plans their own year relating to the overall goal(s). Action plans are developed for the organization and each person - it's easy for people to implement them because it's now part of their daily plan.

During implementation of your plan TRAINING SYSTEMS helps you stay on track!

I don't make a decision, I don't do a task, I don't breathe, without first asking:

"How does this meet our mission, vision, strategic plan?"

One client said:

Our meetings are always fun, and this year it was something even more! There were some surprising personal development goals shared during our company planning. The goal most of us had in common was, “spend more time with family, even if it means less income”. The 2nd most popular was, “help others on a regular basis (community service, church ministry, within our family)”. Other goals were to read a novel each month, make more spiritual time, exercise, eat better, and build friendships. We even discussed ways to help each other achieve these goals via e-mail, phone calls, a page on our web site, faxes, etc."

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