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Creating an Inspirational Environment
Part 1

You can't motivate employees. In fact, you can't motivate anyone but yourself; however, you can create an environment that inspires employees to motivate themselves!

What Keeps Employees Loyal to a Job and Company? An inspirational environment that's fun and exciting! A well thought out and structured program that allows employees to be themselves and use all their skills, both mental and physical, leads to happy employees who want to continue working in that capacity.

Here are 3 of the 6 key factors you need to create employee loyalty and satisfaction:

  1. Make sure that your managers are approachable and accessible to employeesit can be your company's greatest asset! Create an open door policy, encourage managers to walk around work areas and make eye contact with employees, have them get to know a little about their employees so they can develop a rapport with them.

  2. Constantly use humor. Proper on the job humor is a stress and anxiety reducer, keeps work fun and opens the door to creativity. Research some books on workplace humor, insert a bit of humor in the company newsletters/bulletin boards and announcements. Create spontaneous awards for those who keep their sense of humor in tough work situations.

  3. Remember that employees are not robots. They need to know that their thoughts and concerns are being listened to. Hold weekly open air discussions to let the employees express their opinions and ideas openly and candidly. Managers should guide the session with a topic or theme for each meeting. All points or issues that are obviously of concern in these discussions should be noted and posted with resolutions and solutions. Employees who speak up and offer suggestions should be rewarded with the satisfaction of knowing their concerns were heard by and acted upon.

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