Inspiring Tips

Creating an Inspirational Environment
Part 2

You can create an environment that inspires employees to motivate themselves! In addition to last month's tips, here are three more factors you can use to keep employees loyal and build an exciting culture and atmosphere right from the start!

What Keeps Employees Loyal to a Job and Company? An inspirational environment that's fun and exciting! A well thought out and structured program that allows employees to be themselves and use all their skills, both mental and physical, leads to happy employees who want to continue working in that capacity.

Here are the last 3 of 6 key factors you need to create employee loyalty and satisfaction:

  1. Managers and fellow employees must express appreciation towards the efforts of employees. Employees are more apt to listen to positive feedback and reassurance. Nobody likes to be scorned or belittled, especially in front of other employees. Your policy of discipline should be strictly a one-on-one encounter. Managers should not take an accusatory stance, but will allow the employee in question to air his complaint fully, without interjection.

  2. Employees should be allowed to question managers to get to the heart of an issue or procedure. This will give an employee a clear understanding of where managers stand on any given issue. By doing this, managers may also become aware of a concern that might not be adequately addressed.

  3. Positive training sessions with trainers from outside the organization should be a big part of keeping employees on track and enforcing team leadership on a regular basis. Consider the use of outside trainers to inspire, encourage, and motivate all employees.

Good business decisions are the same as good personal decisions. Employees like to feel that they are important and needed in the work place just as they are in a relationship. You can't have a successful marriage without a husband and wife. Both have needs and make contributions. Both have to feel they are cherished. The same goes for a successful business. All parties involved have to be reminded how important they are to the team's overall success.

Most important, remember that employees are people, and people have needs that go beyond the money they receive for a job.

You may not be able to create your culture from scratch; however, you can use these ideas to start today to create your own environment that inspires employees to excellence!

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