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The Nature of Work Continues to Be Refined

Consider a few of the most obvious and dramatic trends:

Home vs. work or home-work

  • Increasing amounts of remote work activity contribute strongly to this trend, whether the labor is now performed at home, in one's car or at a client's office.

  • Innovative "quality of life" programs also smudge the home-work boundary as on-site day care and elder care, after school programs, satellite schools, and other flex-time and flex-place programs increasingly appear in the workplace.


  • [Will increasingly incorporate] individuals from the assembly line to the administrative heads of divisions. Add a few consultants and/or clients, and such teams may even include those whose roles are formally outside of the organization.

  • The line between an individual's job performance and future, and that of the groups within which she or he labors, is becoming more difficult to determine.

Excerpted from The New Workplace, by Christena Nippert-Eng

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