Inspiring Tips

Proven Ways to Foster, Nurture, and
 Manage an Innovative Workplace

  1. Take the mystery out of creativity: Define what it means.
  2. Discover how individuals are most creative: Ask for their input.
  3. Define challenges specifically: Focus on areas where you need creative solutions.
  4. Minimize fear of failure: Regard mistakes as learning opportunities.
  5. Embrace play: Give people opportunities to master play skills.
  6. Take personal responsibility: Develop an organizational climate for innovation.
  7. Set a tone through your attitude: Show people that you are for them.
  8. Remember that innovative behavior does not happen spontaneously: Provide tools.
  9. Encourage active communications: Use hot lines among groups for quick exchanges.
  10. Allow incubation: Give adequate time for ideas to develop and mature.
  11. Facilitate action: Provide ready channels through which creative ideas convert to work plans.
  12. Link innovation to business goals: Leverage change with creativity.
  13. Set an example: Enhance your own creative skills and behavior.

From Thunderbolt Thinking: Surge, Vol. 3 No. 1

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