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Are You Getting the Best from Your Co-workers?

Employees continue to rank "reward and recognition" at or near the top of their work place "Wish" list. People want to be valued and use their talents and strengths more than ever. Sadly, many have lost their zest due to a lack of recognition. If you want to "juice up" your work environment try these ideas which can help you build effective relationships and unified teams:

1.  Ask team members (direct reports) how THEY would like to be recognized and acknowledged!

  Too often, management pre-decides what it should be (if they do it at all!). Collaborate on ideas that have meaning to the people you work with.
2.  In meetings, communicate your appreciation for the contribution of others and BE SPECIFIC and SINCERE about what they have done well.
This lets everyone know that you are "walking your talk" when it comes to recognizing others.
3.  Celebrate EFFORTS as well as OUTCOMES!
Don't get caught in the trap of "success only" rewards! Great effort is worth rewarding also!
4.  Recognize others for no reason at all!
Want to blow people away? Simply recognize (or reward) others by valuing them for what they bring to the organization.
When people feel good about what they do they bring more happiness, productivity, and teamwork to their work. Make these consistent habits and you too can be rewarded by building a more effective work environment! Good Luck!

David Breslow is a TRAINING SYSTEMS associate 
and is a Professional Leadership Development Coach.
 His work "maximizes people, processes and profits".

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