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Inspiring Your Workforce on "Inspiring Your Employees to Excellence Day"

Most employees want to give their best in the workplace. Sometimes organizations create obstacles rather than opportunities for employees to do their best. Consider these tips and do something specific to implement at least one on Feb 1:

Keep your employees from being difficult by treating them as assets rather than expenses.
Help your employees get their work done by making sure they understand their duties and responsibilities.
Increase productivity by helping your employees focus on the tasks that will get actual results.
Make your employees happy at work by praising them for work that is well done.
Give employees power and authority to make and act on decisions.
Give clear goals and information about a project and watching for progress.
Recognize the personality and work styles of others and adjust yourself to them.
Close down rumor mills by communicating "What's going on" so that employees feel well-informed.
If an employee is in a job that is not a fit, discuss their skills and how they can be best utilized or how the employee can gain new skills then give them opportunities to increase their skills and work habits.

You'll notice your employees working harder and feeling better about themselves and your organization!

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