Inspiring Tips

Starting the Best Employees

New employees arrive fresh and excited about embarking on their new adventure. How you prepare for and then manage the critical early days and hours sets the tone for employees' experience with your organization.

  • Prepare for their arrival (tell other staff, clean office, order supplies, type schedule)
  • Give them an introduction to your organization
  • Introduce them to co-workers in their department and others (inside and outside the organization)
  • Have each of the people they'll be working with spend time with them (in department and outside) giving them info about their skills, knowledge, fun things to know about them
  • Provide them with a tour of all facilities
  • Include them in all organization activities early
  • Provide training in their basic job duties and responsibilities (best done by co-workers and you)
  • Review all important policies and practices (especially those that aren't written)
  • Provide an overview of benefits and services (get them to ask questions)
  • Discuss their career and life needs/goals and what inspires them to do a great job and how the organization can meet them
  • Discuss your expectations and those of the organization

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