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Voices From the Workplace - What
Workers Are Muttering in the Trenches

What motivates workers?

"Acknowledgment by my superiors of their appreciation."
"Being recognized and given opportunities to prove myself."
"Not to get fired, and to keep my boss off my back before I kill him."
"To do my work as if doing it for God."

What do workers want from top management?

Give recognition for good job performance."
Listen to the people's ideas who run the machines; they know, they are doing the
job every day."
Look and acknowledge my capabilities and allow me to use them."

What bothers workers most about their supervisors?

"Not knowing what my job duties are."
"Lack of communication."
"Does not treat people fairly; rules, policy, discipline not on straight line."
"He doesn't fully appreciate the outstanding job that I do."

Quotes from 905 workers from Kepner-Tregoe, Inc.'s, study of Performance. "People and Their Jobs: What's Real, What's Rhetoric"; Carrington Associates, 108 E. 91st St., New York, NY 10128-1100.

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