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Making Yourself the Employer of Choice

What do 3 financial firms, 3 high tech companies, a law firm, a hospital, an HVAC company, a retail chain that sells containers, and Jesus have in common? All, except Jesus, were on Fortune Magazineís "Top 100 Best Companies to Work For" list. All, including Jesus, have in common 6 characteristics that cause people to want to be part of the "organization".

The ideas below were developed by participants in the CMA Conference Session, "Making Yourself the Employer of Choice (Like Jesus Did)" with facilitators Gary Shoup, Hines Horticulture, and Carolyn B. Thompson, Training Systems, Inc.

6 Characteristics of Employers of Choice

Example of How Jesus Created Each

Trust in Management

  • kept His word

  • performed miracles

  • trusted his leadership (sent others out - disciples)

  • showed cool under pressure (asleep in storm)

  • explained happenings (His death)

  • trusted God

  • identified wrong-doing (money changers)

  • discernment

  • team work (sent disciples in pairs)

  • accepted people as they were and worked with them (Matthew - tax collector)

  • knew where He was going/stuck with plan

  • forgave multiple times (Peterís betrayal, men on cross)

  • left responsibility to managers (equipped w/Holy Spirit)

  • made assignments (John w/Mary, Judas/money)

  • sought Godís will (praying in desert)

  • provided for His people (loaves/fish feeding)

Pride in Work

  • creating - creativity

  • perform with excellence (5 loaves/2 fish, Solomon building Temple)

  • sense of ownership (Peter following Jesus on the water)

  • fixing/healing/repairing that which was created

  • quality in what was done

  • not settling for complacency (throwing out money changers; challenged about working on Sabbath)

  • sense of higher purpose (doing work of His Father; mission statement of obeying His commands)

  • did big (exciting) things (catching fish; feeding; raising the dead - Lazarus, Jairusí daughter)

Pride in Organization

  • leading by example/vulnerable in leadership

  • tell others

  • pride in doing His Fatherís work

  • clear vision

  • passionate

  • good communicator


  • brought disciples together a lot

  • worked together

  • prayed together

  • visited disciplesí homes and ate with them

  • they trusted one another (Mt 14:22-36; Mk 6:45-56; Jn 6:16-21)

  • He discussed family

  • recreation time

  • He sat with them and taught them

  • He served them (washing their feet)

  • He gave them visuals (bread & wine; manna)

  • He demonstrated that He cared

  • He prepared them for change (Last Supper)

  • He asked them questions ("Who do you think that I am?")

  • He encouraged team work (sent disciples in pairs)

  • He affirmed the disciplesí skills/purpose

  • He was/is good at everything; inspired disciples

Consciously Establish the Culture

  • empathy/walk the talk

  • talked (Sermon on the Mount)

  • rubbed elbows with "common" people

  • spoke in parables so theyíd understand

  • different than others

  • corrected disciples to keep on culture

  • sought council

  • core group caught vision

  • training/leadership

  • people oriented

  • core principles

  • simple

  • example to others

  • never veered from core purpose

Consciously Publish the Culture

  • Sermon on the Mount

  • one-on-one and spoke to large groups (Samaritan woman at the well; rich man, etc.)

  • prayed publicly so others would hear Him

  • met peoplesí needs at the point of their need

  • by word of mouth of disciples and others He impacted the world

  • He lived the message

  • confrontative when necessary

  • miracles, actions proclaimed His message

  • used Scripture verbally

  • had a future "marketing" plan, starting with disciples

  • loved everyone

  • proclaimed by death on cross - His sacrifice

  • took message to people - went to wherever they were

  • angels announced the culture

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