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Want Your Staff to Have the Energy of FISH!

You've just done your strategic planning and you're wondering -- "Will we actually live our mission, vision and values this year? Will we make decisions and take actions based on it, or will it just be another year of paper?"

The world famous Pike Street Fish Market in Seattle (incidentally, the "world famous" part is their vision) is a totally different place today, because they decided to live their vision. First everyone at Pike Street Fish Market was told what the vision was. Then all together they decided what they'd have to do every day to make it happen:

  • Play (together and with customers)
  • Be There (with each other and customers)
  • Make Their day (each other's and the customers')
  • Choose Your Attitude

Your list of actions for "how to" live your vision/mission/values each day may be different than Pike Street Fish Market's, but the idea is the same:

After you create a vision/mission/values, you specify everyday actions that each employee will do to make it happen.

The Pike Street employees say that "to keep the vision alive" they:

  • Commit (to it)
  • Be It (Play, Be There, Make Their Day, Choose Your Attitude -- because you're "world famous")
  • Coach It (everyone is personally responsible to help each other live the vision)

Their story is written in the books, FISH!, FISH Sticks & FISH Tales which you can get at Amazon or your library or from ($19.95 each).  You can also buy the videos, workbooks and facilitator's guides from the developer Chart House ($690 per video w/facilitator's guide, workbook and goodies)


  • Super happy customers
  • High morale
  • Easy to attract and recruit great employees
  • Increase employee creativity
  • Increased sales
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