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When confronted with this idea, people in supervisory positions often tell me, "That's just not me. I am good at my job and I can help people get their work done. But I cannot be a source of strength and inspiration." You can and you must.

If 2002 is the year we all bounce back, then every single manager will be a critical lynchpin. How can you prepare?

1. Before the end of the year, interview each of the employees you supervise directly. Ask each person four questions: What has been your best moment working on this team? What has been your worst moment working on this team? What is your greatest hope for working on this team next year? What is your greatest fear about working on this team next year? Listen carefully to each response. Be silent until you get a genuine answer. Give each person 20-30 minutes. Take notes after each interview.
2. In 2002 start every week by reviewing the notes of your interview with each person. Think about what motivates each person. Use it.
3. In 2002 meet with every person on your team at least once a week to review goals and deadlines, concrete achievements, and, once in a while, hopes and fears.
Next year, when you interview each employee again, see how much you've grown as a course of strength and inspiration, and, as a result, how much this has increased productivity.

Thanks to Bruce Tulgan, Rainmaker Thinking, Inc.,
Dec. 1, 2001 issue of "Managing in an Era of Uncertainty."

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