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The Best Performance Appraisal Systems

The best performance appraisal systems are based on:

Written – describing the specific actions the person did/does relating to each item on their job description (assuming it’s up to date) and this needs to include the organization mission, vision, and values (should be on every job description).

Verbal – use the time together once a year or however often you do it to talk about what the person is planning on doing this year, what things have been keeping them from being as productive as they need to be, what they’re great at and how to play those areas up, what they suggest the manager can do to improve, how the organization can improve. Both employee and manager should come in to this conversation with their form filled out and then add to it after the discussion – add any new info/changed info re: their actions relating to their job description, mission, vision, values and then add the specific, measurable goals agreed on and action plan they wrote to get there.

Ongoing – have monthly (or quarterly at least) written (in person is the best) updates on progress toward goals.

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