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Measuring Your Career Satisfaction

Respond to each statement with a 0 for not true; a 5 for somewhat true; and a 10 for absolutely true.

Section 1

1. I'm satisfied with the money I make. ___

2. My financial situation will probably improve. ___

3. In my field, I'll continue to be paid an amount consistent with my abilities. ___

4. I can earn more money if I work harder and/or more creatively. ___

5. The income potential in my field continues to look good. ___

TOTAL: ___

Section 2

1. I like to think about work, even after hours. ___

2. I find the job fun. ___

3. I believe my work is important to society. ___

4. I look forward to going to work. ___

5. I feel my career allows me to grow personally. ___

6. My job enhances my personal life. ___

TOTAL: ___

Section 3

1. I am usually able to set my own work pace and direction on the job. ___

2. My job gives me the opportunity to try out my own ideas. ___

3. There's great variety in my job. ___

4. My job is so interesting that I often want to take on extra projects. ___

5. The fringe benefits are adequate. ___

6. There's just enough pressure at work to keep me on my toes. ___

7. My job allows me enough free time to pursue outside activities. ___

TOTAL: ___

Section 4

1. I have sufficient contact with other people. ___

2. I'm often able to exchange ideas with others. ___

3. I know my superiors appreciate my efforts on the job. ___

4. I meet an ample number and variety of people through my work. ___

5. I feel that my people skills are constantly improving as a result of my work. ___

TOTAL: ___

Section 5

1. I'm making adequate advancement through my career. ___

2. My career will continue to provide ample job flexibility in the future. ___

3. I'll be able to reach my career goals in my present field. ___

4. My career won't run dry of challenges. ___

TOTAL: ___

Obviously, the higher your score, the greater your satisfaction. How are your staff scores?


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