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Menu of Specific Examples for Inspiring Actions

These examples were developed by participants in the CMA Chicago Conference session, "Inspiring Your Staff and Others Like Jesus Did" with facilitator Carolyn B. Thompson, TRAINING SYSTEMS INC

Specific Examples 4 Ways Jesus Inspired
Listened Met People Where They Were Teaching Lead by Example
when Jesus did this

Met People Where They Were


Pay attention/stops work

proactive, seek input


Went to Matthew’s house, Zaccheus/Mary & Martha


Samaritan woman at the well


Wedding at Cana

Doubting Thomas

Woman & lost coin — everyone is important to God


Washed disciples' feet

Woman at the well


when saw co-worker do this or did it myself


Engaged their ownership in conversations (2-way)


Flexible w/meetings (time-location)

Playing games w/children

One area of commonality

Work at home

LD Model

Forgiveness, grace, accountability


Meeting w/people


relate to stories



Visitation in    times of need –

    – hospital

    – prison

Pastor: Lifestyle standards




read in a magazine article or book

"What I hear you saying..." (listening to non-verbal communication)

Small things say a lot


Realistic challenging assignments

Provide needed tools/training/resources

Work to resolve (continue)

    – thought provoking

Breaks/lunches with different people


Bible. People have different learning methods

"Situational Leadership"– Blanchard


"Lead Like Jesus" — Ken Blanchard

John Maxwell, multiple titles


when saw boss doing this

Empathy & action

Bit your tongue

Ask questions & listen for answer


KC goes to the field

Lead negativity to positive

Open house > showing other side (personal); Christmas party

Carrying/sharing burden’s of employees

Met the people where they were (geographical)


Bring food to meetings

Arranges training opportunities


Pastor/Dir. of Ops shoveled after recent snow in time of need

Retreat leadership despite family emergency

Challenging assignments > stretched them; potential

led by example & servant leadership


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