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These examples were developed by participants in the CMA Chicago Conference session, "Employee Motivation – Inspiring People Jesus’ Way” with facilitators Gary Shoup & Carolyn B. Thompson, TRAINING SYSTEMS INC

Specific Examples 6 Ways Jesus Inspired
Honesty Communication Touching Strong Sense of Mission Giving Time Being a Servant
when Jesus did this

Samaritan woman

Challenging Pharisees

tough & honest with Peter

saying whoever is without sin cast the first stone

Sermon on the Mount


Nicodemus: broke things down in a way to understand

He heard the real questions of their heart

healing blind man/leper

raising Lazarus

held children

washing feet

called 12 disciples

everything in light of the cross

sending disciples out in pairs

treated people as individuals (Samaritan woman, Zaccheus, Lazarus)

took time out from his planned schedule

took time to rejuvenate Himself

washed disciples’ feet

broke bread & served

when I saw a co-worker do it in my workplace

disciplinary action (honest feedback)

performance review (+ & -)

Jesus attacked behavior, not person

recovering lost items not yours

give proper credit to the employee with the idea

be honest on the application for a particular job

feel a sense of responsibility when terminating an employee

patient honesty w/employees from leadership of organization

Corey Boone - hiding place - told truth

understand people: draw on their strength vs. weakness (example: late receptionist)

listen carefully: reiterate their concerns & hear questions in their heart.

adjust communication to personality style!

affirming hugs

hold hands & pray

take care of physical needs of co-workers (meals/transportation)

pat on the back

personally praying for each other

personal visits/calls

sending cards

eating - lunch w/co-workers

church runs a free Medical Clinic

mentoring - connecting young w/mature

caring for children in churches

activities outside of office

employees gathered money to care for patient’s family (organizational mission=provide care)

employees participate in developing goals to accomplish mission

communicate mission statement: framed on wall, back of business card, etc.

corporate times to focus/reflect on mission: daily/weekly corporate prayer, 2 yearly retreats in Japan, optional devotional, Day of Vision

receptionist personal issue on job - temporary worker filled in while counseling receptionist

personal prayer request submitted once a week & staff prays for these

notes & e-mails of encouragement

acknowledge people’s birthdays - do something special 40 year old

birthdays - makes video of day & presents to family

mentoring staff members - 1 hour per week

layperson took time to communicate the progress of the children’s ministry to the staff so they would be encouraged

door is always open - physically - and for interruption

time devoted to spiritual enrichment

took time to make evaluations something of real value to employee

take time to play - build relationship


took time to serve other staff’s personal needs - i.e. moving

co-worker took kids of woman who went to hospital

TGIM Person sets up training & meetings with added touch - candies, surprise

70's woman (age-wise) brings trash in or pulls children in wagon

woman makes inspirational calendars or wall charts by copier to inspire us

person knew everyone’s name

volunteers from 11:00 PM - 8:00 AM Friday & Saturday and is at church Sunday

read in a magazine article or book  

The Delicate Art of Dancing w/Porcupines (Bob Phillips)

Jesus, CEO - Visionary Leadership, Laurie Beth Jones

John Trent & Gary Smalley books

Good Communication (Barbara Glanz) (all people are valuable)


The On Purpose Person (Kevin McCarthy)

of boss doing this

forthright w/employees on company’s change (i.e. downsizing)

person in leadership is transparent w/strengths and weaknesses

Billy Graham - Amsterdam 2000, communicating vision to pastors/evangelists to continue "Great Commission"

leaders being visible & speaking to their teams

whole organization helps write mission statement

being taken to lunch by supervisor - no agenda

President of organization took time with staff at all levels - open door

CEO’s like Bill Pollard of Servicemaster who put people first

Board President helped waiters pick up spilled glasses at meeting

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