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Keeping Holidays Happy

The winter holiday season is usually the busiest time of year. Consider these tips to keep employees on track through all the distractions:

  • Decide how productive employees need to be during this period and keep goals realistic.

  • Review previous holiday seasons What worked well? Did any area of business suffer?

  • Where there any "issues" that caused hassles? (Too many employees on vacation, too many holiday lights blowing the fuses.... What kinds of customer complaints did you receive?)

  • Use this information in a company-wide effort to create solutions to prevent these issues this year and maintain productivity. Employees will more easily "buy in" to solutions they had a hand in choosing.

  • Remember to be sensitive to employees during the holiday season; this season is challenging on a personal level, too. You can look forward to relieving stress, like a catered lunch or footing the delivery bill for lunch orders from a local restaurant, have a massage therapist come in to give them a back and neck massage to relieve that tension.

  • Above all, take time to talk to your employees frequently and tell them you appreciate their efforts!

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