Learning Methods

Cats and Dogs

Great people sorter.

I put an equal number of little toy cats & dogs ($1 for 5) on a table during a break. There were 2 more than there were participants. As people come back from their break, they started commenting on the cats and dogs and wondering what they had to do with acting.

I began by telling them that each person would eventually choose which cat or dog she or he would like to keep. The room shifted as all the "adults" silently (subtlety visible) began making their strategies for how they would get the toy they wanted.

I talked a little longer to five them time to be distracted by the toys and said that their task, as a group, was to end up with an equal # of cats and dogs (they could bargain for a trade if they wanted to). some people began to change their position in the room as they plotted, others sat back and waited. When they finally got to get up and take the animal of their choice, I felt like I was in a third grade classroom.

Once they worked things out, I had them then choose a partner (of the opposite species) based on the animal, not the person. Then the cats told the dogs whey they chose the animal they did and how it relates to their life strategy and their acting business strategy (for 2 minutes), then they switched and he dogs did the same.

I then moved them through changing partners and relating other things to the animals until they began to be more aware of the way they functions as business people in the acting world.

Source: our associate, Nancy Sheeber


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