Learning Methods

Identifying Values

Have everyone identify their own personal top 10 values ahead of time. Have them bring their lists to the exercise.

Divide up into groups of 3. For the first round, have each group compare their lists, then develop consensus on a list of 6 values (the 5 that they agree are most important to both or all three).

Rotate into a different group. Have the new groups work from the first group's list of 5 values to agree upon their 3 most important values.

Change groups again, take the lists from the previous iteration and agree on 2 values. If you have time, go  through 2 more rounds--2 values, then 1 value.

Share results between each round. Compile the results of your final round, and these should be a pretty good start at a set of organizational core values.

Next step: Identify/define BEHAVIORS that reflect these values.

Modified from a Peter Senge exercise

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