Learning Methods

Create Learner Confidence for the New Skill/Knowledge

TRAINING SYSTEMS, INC.'s Learning Format says that you need to have the "learners tell or write what they already know."

Below are 6 different highly interactive activities to choose from that'll help your learners gain confidence before starting on the new skill or knowledge.

Ways to let them see what they already know:

  1. Have them review their experiences with something they do well that's similar to the skill or knowledge to be learned
  2. You review positive experiences in ways which highlight what individuals contributed to success.
  3. Have them do the thing that is similar to the skill/knowledge to be learned twice, highlighting relative successes on the second occasion.
  4. You review (or have them) the thing that's similar to the skill/knowledge to be learned, highlighting how abilities were underestimated at the beginning.
  5. If it's group training, have the group identify and support the achievement of the individual's past skill/knowledge and do same for that to be learned.
  6. Help them "reframe" an experience which is seen as a failure: every cloud has a silver lining.

Thanks to Roger Greenway who gave us these ideas in the "Training Ideas" listserv.


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