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Here's a Great Case Study

Here's a great case study for:
  • gathering information
  • marketing planning
  • problem solving
  • decision making

Toyota has recently unveiled plans to target a younger market of consumers aged 18 to 35. They are doing so through the creation of a new strategy called, "Genesis." This strategy calls for the release of three new models, the Echo, Celica, and MR Spider. Toyota is attempting to "slide the marketing spotlight off aging baby-boomers and start to zero in on the boomer's kids." Toyota executives believe that their safe image is often translated as being boring by the younger generation. Therefore, certain aspects of its image must be changed.

"It's certain that buyers under 30 will become an increasingly significant force in the marketplace. The baby-boom generation amounts to 29 percent of the U.S. population, but post-boomers represent 51 percent. If Toyota can do with post-boomers what it did with boomers--hook them young with the right cars, then keep them with quality products that evolve as the generation ages--it can ensure its own prosperity. The plan is simple. The challenge is determining what Gen-X or -Y or NetGen wants."

Would you advise Toyota to implement a strategy that targets a younger generation of consumers?

Go to!rm347797/project/. You'll have 30 minutes to answer online.


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