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Great Change Learning Activity

In group training:

Intro: depends on where you are in the training session (really early - just dot the instructions; later - use the end of the processing of the previous learning activity to transition into the instructions---the idea is to have no warning, like in lots of change situations)

Instructions: ask them to take their things, stand up, and take a seat in a different part of the room. Actually suggest - those in front, move to the back; those on the left, move to the right, etc. There will be a great deal of grumbling.

Processing: after they are in their 'new seat' ask them what that feels like? How did they feel about having to make the change? What is different about where they are now seated? Did they have an expectation?

You will actually get some very positive answers i.e. now I can see you better; now I have a window view; now I'm actually more comfortable, etc. You will also get some 'negative' responses - i.e. I liked where I was, etc.

As you process their answers, you can draw parallels as to how they deal with change. Some embrace it, some are uncomfortable, some have no thoughts one way or the other, etc. Overriding message: CHANGE IS INEVITABLE and sometimes the expectations rather than the actual 'doing' get in the way of making it easy.

This was in one of my many listservs today. Carolyn B Thompson


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