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How Well We Work Together to Complete a Project

We bought three sets of Tinker Toys. The moderator goes into a separate room and builds a "model" (any kind of bizarre, complicated contraption using lots of colored connectors and different sizes and shapes). Then the group is broken up into 2 teams with architects (2), observers (2), and workers (the rest). The architects' job is to go into the other room and look at the model. The architects have to stay together at all times. They can't make notes on what the model looks like and they can't touch either the tinker toys or the model being built. They can only come back and tell the workers verbally how to build a replica of the model.

The process is timed and at the end of the time allotted, the original model is brought in and you evaluate how close each group came to building a replica of the model. The observers share their observation of how the group worked as a team and how the architects delivered information.

It is a really interesting activity. It's also nice because you can re-use the tinker toys for a future team building exercise (or when you are bored in the office).

Thanks to Tyra W. Hilliard in mimlist listserv

 Show How Executive Management, Sales and Marketing Communicated With Each Other - Or NOT!

Have the groups follow the same instructions from How Well We Work Together (shown above), but focus your processing on communication. At the end, everyone will be shocked at how little information is communicated down, how little is shared across and everyone gives and takes different interpretations of the same project. Everyone has a wonderful time and comes away with a deeper understanding of how to communicate up/down and across. 

Thanks to Julia Ramos in the mimlist listserv


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