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Raising SELF-ESTEEM Through Activities

People with high self-esteem tend to keep it that way by blaming external factors for their failures and taking personal credit for their successes. 

People with low self-esteem tend to keep it that way by blaming themselves for failures and not taking any personal credit for successes. They might attribute their success to luck or to someone else's actions. So despite their "success", their self-esteem and motivation remain low and they are caught in a vicious cycle from which it is difficult to escape. 

Through experiencing success and taking credit for it, people with low self-esteem will regain some sense of control over their lives again. 

Strategies for Raising Self-Esteem

1.  Have them review their experiences with something they do well or that is similar to the   skill or knowledge to be learned.

2.  You review positive experiences in ways which highlight what individuals contributed to success. 

3.  Have them do the thing that's similar to the skills/knowledge to be learned twice, highlighting relative successes on the second occasion.

4.  You review (or have them review) the things that are similar to the skills and knowledge to be learned, highlighting how abilities were underestimated at the beginning. 

5.  If it's group training, have the group identify and support the achievement of the individuals'5.   past skills and knowledge, and do the same for that to be learned.  

6.  Ensure that there is a sense of progression for each individual

7.  Search out suitable opportunities for delegating and trusting so that people have real responsibilities for the organization or quality of the activity (and are not simply "consumers" of the activity).

8.  Encourage activities in which early success is likely, and in which there is a good chance of further successes soon after. 

9.  Do the activity once to overcome fear. 

10. Convert competitive games into cooperative or creative ones. 

11. Use a variety of review techniques which give individuals plenty of scope for expressing positive experiences. 

12. Encourage adventurous activities, especially activities likely to generate experiences of self-control, taking risks and achieving what seemed impossible. 

13. Have them "reframe" an experience which is seen as a failure: every cloud as a silver lining. 

14. Find a 14th  and it will raise your self-esteem. Could creativity be the clue?

Thanks to Robert Greenway who gave us these ideas in the Training Ideas listserv.



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