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Learning Methods

Gallery Walk/Museum Walk

Post blank flip chart paper around the room with the issues/problems/whatever you’re trying to get ideas for. We ask groups of people (this is usually done with 25 or more people and 5 or 6 issues) to stand in front of one of the blank pages. They individually read the question/whatever and write the idea/answer on individual sticky notes and stick on the paper or write with a marker directly on the flip chart paper. After 3-5 minutes, everyone is asked to move on to the next flip chart and read this question, write ideas, etc. They are now not only writing their ideas but playing off the ones already there. So give more time at the 2nd, 3rd, etc flipcharts so they can read.

Processing: Once they’ve gone to every flip chart you can either have them sit down and tell them you’ll post all the info on web site or have them get their workbook page designed to write the ideas down or a piece of paper. Give them 10-15 minutes to get walk around recording what they need to.

Just the Processing can be used when the leaning method was some other kind of idea generation (case study, etc.) and you want all to benefit from what he other groups did but not the boring report out verbally.

We always play upbeat, fast music during the Gallery Walk – it keeps them moving along.

We originally learned this technique from our favorite author and colleague Sharon Bowman (Preventing Death By Lecture, Shake, Rattle and Roll, How to Give It So They Get It, Presenting With Pizzazz)



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