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Creating and Using PowerPoint as a Visual Aid
(as opposed to as your notes)

At some point we've all had to sit through a boring presentation - you know the one with one PowerPoint slide with bullet sentences after the other. The really scary part is that some of us have given those presentations! Your job as the presenter or the facilitator of training or in whatever situation you use PowerPoint, is to convey the vitally important information so that people will retain it. PowerPoint software is screenshow visual aid software - not speaker notes software! Writing all the things you are going to say in PowerPoint and then showing it to the people listening is less than useful for them.

By special request, the PDF file to the right is the workbook from a conference session. We worked on three crucial things:

1. Other effective ways to make and use notes to deliver your presentation or training

Download "Creating and Using PowerPoint as a Visual Aid"

2. The actual step by step methods within PowerPoint software to create a highly interactive visual aid to add to and help them retain what you’re saying
3. Using your PowerPoint screenshow with the other visual aids and your words, face, body and tone of voice to get the message across and create retention


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