Recruiting Tips

Successful Interviewers’ Skills

bullet Ability to choose the right people to interview
bullet Using active listening skills
bullet Thinking on your feet
bullet Flexibility
bullet Ability to plan for the interview quickly and thoroughly
bullet Ability to organize, compare and analyze information
bullet Knowledge of your organization/service/product
bullet Belief in your organization/service/product
bullet Ability to provide a win-win outcome
bullet Scheduling and following through carefully and accurately on follow-up
bullet A love of interacting with people
bullet Persistence
bullet Thorough documentation
bullet Knowing what your competitions for this person (or their information) do
bullet Ability to create a good impression for yourself and your organization
bullet Ability to help the person you’re interviewing understand the benefits to them
bullet Ability to help the person you’re interviewing understand what you need from them
bullet Using quick, thorough research skills
bullet Being able to feel positive very quickly after rejection or an error
bullet Using a voice that is interpreted by the person you’re interviewing as enthusiastic
bullet Knowing the way the person you’re interviewing likes to be communicated with
bullet Understanding the time limits of the person you’re interviewing
bullet Using words that are clear, concise, verb first and first person when speaking and writing

From Interviewing Skills for Managers, by Carolyn B Thompson, 2002

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