Recruiting Tips

Recruit Constantly!
Part 1

Ever wonder how those organizations that seem to be fully staffed do it? They recruit constantly, not just when there's an opening. This allows them to have a pool of the best people who they can put into positions as they come open.

You'd never waste your time and company money marketing to customers who didn't need your products or services, so don't do it with employees. Your Recruitment Plan (marketing you as an employer to potential employees) will be the same. Ask yourself:

  1. Who are our potential employees? Here's the basis of your plan; this is where you target who will be successful by looking at who has been successful before and their characteristics.

  2. What makes us attractive to potential employees? Obviously, you need to know this so you can create an organization that has the qualities that you target is seeking. Again, like customers, you change your products and services to meet their needs so they'll buy. Get this information from current and past employees and those applicants you wanted but who didn't choose to work for you.

  3. What are 10 benefits to them of working with us?  Great info for your recruiting literature and interviewing. You can actually use the words that will show them the most benefit.

  4. Who are our competitors?  Watch to see how they're recruiting and learn from their successes and mistakes.

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