Recruiting Tips

10 Steps to Landing Great Candidates
Part I

With unemployment at an all-time low, itís a job-seekerís market. To land the best candidates, you must present your company as an attractive place to work - to sell them on your organization. You can help to win candidates by using these 5 tips and call back next week for more:

  • Review resumes prior to the interview - candidates are impressed when they are asked questions that pertain directly to their information - even down to their hobbies!
  • Start the interview on time - show candidates that they are important to you and your company.
  • Be sincere and relaxed - focus on them and the interview - let them know that you are "there" and not thinking about other things.
  • Use short questions - the more words you use the more likely you are to influence the answer. Give candidates the opportunity to share what they know and have experienced.
  • Listen carefully - remember to listen 80% of the time, maintain eye contact, and donít interrupt.

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