Recruiting Tips

10 Steps to Landing Great Candidates
Part 2

Unemployment is at an all-time low, and it's a job-seeker's market. To land the best candidates, you must present your company as an attractive place to work--to sell them on your organization. You can help to win candidates by using these five additional tips:

  • Provide information--let them know about you, the company, and the job. Give them a copy of the job description and some company information, and give them time to ask you questions.
  • Explain the hiring process at the end of the interview--tell them what the next steps will be and when you plan to make a decision--don't leave them hanging too long--they won't wait.
  • Have a nice office--be sure it's clean and organized, display awards, etc., and invest a little in your common areas like the lobby, meeting rooms, and bathrooms--and really "wow" candidates and potential clients.
  • Have others in your organization meet the candidate--this demonstrates a great sense of community and allows insights from your employees.

Selling potential candidates on your company is a time-consuming process. Remember that the right staff can make or break a business. Taking the time to find the right candidate and impressing him or her with your job offer should be the most important thing on your "to-do" list.

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