Recruiting Tips

Choosing Recruitment Strategies

Part 1

How do you choose the recruiting methods that will be most successful, save time, save money, bring you the applicants you want - it depends on who your market (your potential employees) are! Here are a few ideas to choose from. Warning - these may sound great but only use them if they are the right ones for who you're seeking (the Goodyear blimp is a cool idea but only if your target market of potential employees are people who go to outdoor sporting events).

Try these ideas:

Special services will help you recruit special target groups. If you find that your target group of employees are people who have been in the military or interns from universities or college students or professionals or people with disabilities, each of those has an organization, hundreds of organizations, that you can call to help you recruit.

Customers! Lots of employers have found that their customers are part of their target group. Many companies advertise the ability to work in their company on their product packaging, order forms, business cards or bulletin boards. Improve awareness of your career field, your industry or make short training manuals that double as job descriptions and training tools for your current employees, but show potential employees what your jobís all about.

Get involved in career days or job fairs at colleges of local community colleges, depending on what your target market is. You can even have your own if there donít seem to be enough around you. Donít sit at your booth waiting for people to come to you. Go out and work the floor. Go out and meet the people. Get them to come to you. Have an open house. This brings lots of people to your location, allows you to show off your location, they get to see people working, they may even get to see customers, depending on what kind of business youíre in. You can pay recruiting bonuses to your own employees. Be sure to train them on how to present the benefits of employment to your target group of employees.

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