Recruiting Tips

Choosing Recruitment Strategies

Part 2

How do you choose the recruiting methods that will be most successful, save time, save money, bring you the applicants you want - it depends on who your market (your potential employees) are! Here are a few more ideas to choose from.

Brochures. We certainly use a lot of brochures with our customers. Use them to attract people to come to work in your organization. They can be paper brochures, the traditional type, they can be video or audio. You can even put your brochures, your video, your audio together with similar organizations in your geographic area to save money.

Cash incentives. These are particularly popular in the health care industry. Come work with us, we’re going to give you a sign-on bonus, and then your regular pay from there.

Outplacement companies. These organizations are full of professional people who are looking to get back to work again, and the companies are more than happy to help you fill your jobs with their candidates.

Women and men returning to the workforce are great possibilities. Consider your own past employees, or others who you’ve found, after child-rearing or after disabilities, who want to return to the workforce.

Once you’ve found your best target groups for potential employees, reel them in with these ideas:

Conduct seminars to prepare people for the job. You do the training at your location, they see what a great company you have, and they want to work for you! You may not hire all the people, but in essence you’re running an educational or a school training program.

Send out letters or surveys to your target group of employees. Use mailing lists, information from clubs, or associations or even magazines. Go for your target market. Discover what these people read, and put the information there.

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