Recruiting Tips

Recruit by Targeting the Right Employees

You need to target all of your efforts, time and money on attracting those employees who will be successful in your organization and in their position, and who will remain with you.

Targeting your market of potential employees saves time, money and energy on people you don't want to hire - so you're not having to respond to all kinds of people who don't have the qualifications you need.

To determine who will be successful - look at the type of person who's been successful in the position before at your organization:

K Neighborhood people

K Customers

K Friends, relatives of current or past staff

K P/T students - high school, college/university

K Graduates of universities, now working

K Current staff, past staff, staff on maternity leave

K Older workers

K Immigrants

K P/T employees of other companies

K Your vendors

K Interns

Go to your successful hires and ask them "What initially attracted you to us," and "What are the factors that make you want to stay with us." "Where did you hear about us?" You’ll find that a significant number of your employees heard about you from the same sources, such as: current or former employees, their friends or the local newspaper. This is immediate feedback. It will help you to stop wasting money on advertising in the wrong areas You’ll find out what is important to the staff, wages or working relationships, working environment or flexibility for example.

Great employees are out there for your organization - decide who will be most successful, make them your target and direct your recruiting efforts to them only!

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