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Develop a Marketing Plan to Recruit Employees
by: Carolyn B. Thompson

How effectively your company markets itself determines its level of success. Most companies develop a plan to market their products and services to their external customers. But what about a marketing plan for potential internal customers? In order for companies to grow and prosper in today’s economy, they must engage every day in activities that promote their business to ALL of their customers.

Your company can grow and prosper with the right employees without a huge amount of recruiting costs. To do this, you’ll need a Recruitment Plan— just like a marketing plan—but this is marketing to potential employees! The first step in developing and using a Recruitment Plan is to target your market – applicants. When you and your employees take the first step and complete the exercise outlined here, you will immediately become more effective at marketing to those prospective internal customers. Involve as many of your current employees as possible to get the best results. Ask and record the answers to the following questions:

What does our company do?

When one of your employees is asked: "What do you do?" or "Who do you work for?", they immediately become engaged in a potential recruiting conversation. Because of this, it is important to define what it is your company does in terms that sound exciting. Be creative. Do you work for a company that manufactures a product, or do you work for an organization that provides an essential service to people? Which would sound more appealing to a potential employee?

What makes us attractive to potential employees?

Ask your employees the following questions to stimulate the discussion: "Why would someone want to work here?" "Why did you come to work here?" "Why do you stay?"

Who are our potential employees?

Could they be young, old, students, veterans, people with disabilities, teachers, salespeople, accountants, etc.? Think about what walks of life your successful employees have come from. Once you identify who your potential employees are, ask: "Where would we find them?"

What do employees value and need?

Ask your current employees what is important to them about their position and what is important to them about working for your company. These questions will reveal their values and needs which apply to successful future employees too.

What are 10 benefits to them of working with us?

When your employees talk about "work" with potential employees, they should have an inventory of things to discuss beyond whether they like it or not. When you develop this list of benefits, it will serve two purposes. Number one, it will give existing employees something specific to discuss when they are talking with a potential employee. Number two, existing employees will get a shot of motivation, because it will remind them why they enjoy working with your company.

Who is our competition?

You have competition from companies who have proactive employee recruiting programs. Because everyone should be involved in recruiting new employees, all of your existing employees should know who the competition is and what they do well to attract employees. Who knows, you could develop a relationship with the competition so they would send potential employees to you when they don’t have a position for them!


Carolyn B. Thompson is the President of Training Systems, Inc., a customized training and HR consulting company that helps small and medium sized organizations enhance their ability to recruit, inspire and retain quality employees and improve performance through training. Training Systems, Inc. also provides training design and delivery services to training companies and the training departments of large companies, and professional and trade associations. Carolyn B. Thompson is an experienced trainer and consultant knowledgeable in the challenging area of employee recruitment, inspiration and retention. She is an exciting, inspirational trainer who leads people to learn. She has written articles for prominent magazines, has been interviewed for Chicago’s TV Channel 26, the "You’re Hired" radio show, Safety & Health, Small Business Computing, Business Week, Working Woman, Redbook and Inc. magazines, been the subject of articles in the Daily Southtown, Will County Business Journal, and Star newspapers, as well as written chapters in several books. In addition, Carolyn produced a two-tape audio cassette set entitled "Straight Talk for Employers", and the worksheet, Ten Steps to Determining the Return on Your Training Investment. She’s written and published a book entitled "Creating Highly Interactive Training Quickly and Effectively" (which has more information on making money while training), is currently writing a book about on-the-job training, and co-authoring another book about using biblical principles to manage employees.

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