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Reducing Stress in the Workplace

Keeping employees productive requires managers to care about their stress levels. When stress is out of control, productivity tumbles, creativity sags, and good employees take flight.

  • You can lower stress levels in your company or department by discovering what causes stress, considering what you can change, and asking a lot of questions.

    • Are there ambiguities in job descriptions and responsibilities?

    • Do employees have the information and resources they need to complete tasks in a timely and satisfactory fashion?

  • Look for glaring trouble spots and ask your staff what really "bugs" them and listen hard.

  • Give employees more control over their workload and pace--it's a stress buster and a morale booster! How? Let them know that they can talk to you when they feel overloaded, so you can help them find ways to lighten their load.

  • Empower employees to set limits on how many hours they'll work--employees cope better with stress when they have satisfying lives outside work, too.

  • Help employees learn stress reduction techniques like deep breathing, taking a quick walk, or doing some other quick, brisk exercise. Post four or five stress busting techniques where employees can see them, and ask them to add ideas that they find useful.

  • Hold meetings to talk about solutions to stressful situations.

Acknowledging that stress is an issue and showing a willingness to work on it reduces stress in the workplace.

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