Retaining Tips

Use Awards to Heighten Morale 
and Strengthen Bonds in your Workplace

Part 1

When giving awards to your employees, remember to:

Make awards effective - be timely to reinforce and encourage employees to keep doing exceptional work.

Make them as personal as possible, get to know your employees and their interests and choose awards they’ll appreciate.

Here’s some low cost ideas:

Give a gift certificate to the employee’s favorite store, restaurant or event

Let a standout employee pick the flavor of coffee for the next week, switching to Starbuck’s can boost productivity and actually costs very little.

Award top performers with cash to spruce up their space - to buy a plant, or a print (which is then their property) and you’ll give the whole office some spirit!

Issue an outrageous challenge - if they boost productivity by 10%, you’ll jump in a nearby pond, or shave your head, whatever will fit your style, and make sure to do it as soon as they succeed!

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