Retaining Tips

Use Awards to Heighten Morale 
and Strengthen Bonds in your Workplace
Part 2

Use some of these low-cost incentive ideas along with those from last month to heighten employee morale:

Give employees some unexpected downtime--Tell them if they're caught up with their work, they can go home early on Friday.

Invest some sweat equity in good employees--offer to do something special for a great performer, like giving the winner a free carwash--administered in the company parking lot by the top executive of his choice! Everyone will turn out to watch!

Create a wall of fame where employees can show off things they are proud of, including thank you notes from clients or vacation snapshots--whatever will renew them when they feel down.

Give out personalized framed certificates made with your own software to publicize special achievements. Hang one on the office wall and give the employee a copy to take home or hang in his space.

Give out handwritten notes of appreciation. We get so few personal notes today, you can be sure it will be treasured.

Create and use a "Reinforcement Survey" for employees to list hobbies and interests. You can use it to choose awards employees will really appreciate.

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