Retaining Tips

To Retain Workers, Show Respect

With the national unemployment rate at 3.9 percent, the lowest in 30 years, coupled with the $35,000 average cost of training new employees, U.S. firms are struggling to retain workers. 

A new study that measured the attitudes and experiences of 2,293 U.S. workers from businesses, government and nonprofit organizations with more than 50 employees found: 

  • only three out of 10 employees feel an obligation to stay with their current employers

  • fewer than half (45 percent) of respondents said they felt a strong personal attachment to their organizations

  • utility and public administration/government workers were more likely (76 and 71 percent, respectively) to stay with their companies than their counterparts in business services (51 percent), retail trade (56 percent) and technology (also 56 percent)

  • intangible of "soft" aspects of corporate culture--including low- or no-cost items such as praise and recognition from the boss--had a stronger influence on their commitment than salaries or bonuses

1999 Employee Relationship Report Benchmark, conducted by Walker Information and the Hudson Institute

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