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The Supervisor's Creed

I know that I am responsible to the organization that selected me to represent it as a supervisor of its employees. I will, therefore, perform each of my duties and conduct myself in a manner that reflects the attitudes and goals of the organization.

I will do my best to be fair to the employees I supervise, never playing favorites in any way, and being objective, open and direct about properly communicating the organization's expectations and goals to them. I will never discriminate in any way. I will properly administer all polices.

I will be enthusiastic about the organization, my role and the roles my employees play in the organization. I will never be negative in the presence of my employees.

I will be receptive to my employees. Their work problems are my work problems.

I will direct all my efforts toward helping them solve their problems.

I believe that the organization can only be profitable and efficient when all of its employees do their part in achieving full production. I am responsible to see that all employees I supervise do their part.

I will always reward good performance and counsel poor and marginal performance.

I believe that a well informed employee is a more productive employee. I will, therefore, keep my employees informed of all policies, programs and events that concern them. I will do my part in educating and developing them. I will properly answer all questions concerning the work being performed and the organization. If I don't know the answer, I will find out.

I will at all times discharge my duties and obligations to the very best of my abilities. I am the organization's representative to my employees. I am the leader.

Portions from the Employer's Association, Charlotte, NC


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