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Tips for Knowing How and When 
to Use These Popular Visual Aids
Part 1

Flip Chart

— Check you have enough paper for the amount of writing you intend to do.

— Check that it is positioned where all the group can see it.

— Check you have pens and that they work. Use color pens if possible.

— Write legibly, i.e., large, clear writing.

— Use headings, and subheads as appropriate.

— Take your time when writing.

— Plan what you are going to write.

— When not needed as visual support, turn to a blank sheet.

— Watch your spelling.

— Drawing etc. can be prepared invisibly in light (yellow) pen.

When to Use...
  • For a low cost and portable visual aid
  • When you want to record ideas or input from the audience
  • With a limited size audience
Overhead and Slide Projector

— Check focus and position before starting.

— Check that there are no spelling/grammatical errors.

— Allow plenty of time for the slides to be read by the group.

— Use overlays or masking to reveal information gradually.

— Switch off when changing transparencies and when you aren’t using it.

— When pointing at items of information etc., point at the slide or transparency not the screen image.

— Use graphics instead of words whenever possible.

— The font should be large with no more than 4 lines per slide or transparency.

— Make sure you have spare bulbs/fuses and know how to use them.

— When storing them, keep the slides and transparencies in exact sequence.

— Check that information can be seen by all the group before starting.

When to Use...
  • In a lighted room
  • For a quick and clean visual image

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