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Make an Impact on Your Learners 
with Overhead Transparencies

Overhead projections can add power to your presentations, but only if you use them well. For maximum impact, follow these guidelines:

  • Keep the lamp off until your transparency is in place. A blank screen is distracting and will detract from the impact of your image.

  • Switch off your projector (or cover the light source) before removing your transparency.

  • Give your learners enough time to read and absorb the information on the screen. Remember that although you're familiar with the transparency, your learners are seeing it for the first time.

  • Wait a few moments for the learners' eyes to return to you before you begin to speak again.

  • Some transparencies required only reading--like jokes. If you explain them verbally, you lose their impact!

  • Point at the transparency, not at the screen, and use a pen, not your finger.

  • Place a transparency on the projector by the top to make sure the visual is lined up correctly. During training, keep your eyes on the learners instead of looking back to the screen.

  • Once you've made your point, shut off the projector and remove the transparency.

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