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E-Mail, Voicemail, and Internet
Pre- and Post-Work Tips

Learners at a training session on using e-mail, voice mail and the Internet for pre- and post- learning work gave these great ideas:




Send a sample work request through e-mail for them to input.

Continuing learning scenarios e-mailed that HR reps must e-mail back possible ways to handle.


Provide e-mail situation (pre-test) to gauge how learners react under current system.

Provide e-mail situation (post-test) to gauge how learners react under current system after learning.


Learners are e-mailed prospective client need.

E-mail questions and responses.


Play a game guessing the order of learning activities.

Play a game ordering weekly activities.


Send e-mail for a pre-test of skills and knowledge.

E-mail exchange team with an indication to complete a cycle.


E-mail asking what learners know about the product before the training session.

Send an e-mail invitation to the web site.


E-mail asking learners to bring training product to session. (Geri Ota)

E-mail learners on new tips for he Product Training.


E-mail continuing tips on using new system.


E-mail required pre-test. (

Sort of Employee of the Month reversed: Have employees/supervisors e-mail in stories about how they helped customers in tough situations. Use these stories as case studies. Have employees review "bank" of case studies every 6 months. (



Audio of person telling who they are and that they want interview and had to use company paper form to evaluate 1st contact.

Call and we’ll call back message.


Practice customer calls to set metrics.

Practice customer calls to measure improvement.


Call to count number of problem questions.

Leave voice mail to enhance knowledge of products.


Ask them to make a call and measure silences/probes.

Leave voice mail for monthly reminder of web site suggestions.


Create a voice mail message to employees of a complaining customer, with a response option, and students must select an appropriate response/resolution.

Leave voice mail to invite people to give feedback on how well they are using what they learned.


Leave voice mail asking parents, etc. to print out web pages and bring to class.

Voice mail learners on issues they are having with new system.


Leave voice mail and ask parents, etc. to check specific web sites and e-mail info back.


Leave voice mail messages and ask parents, etc. to check e-mail for messages and reply.


Introduce fact that new version will be loaded soon.


Colleague poses as prospective client, referred by current client, stating training need.


Leave voice mail inviting CR’s to CBT enhancement training.


The computer calls learners to tell them story of what’s new with computers.



Create a fake "transaction" submitted by customer, which must be processed/finished by employees using new info system.

Continuous learning—e-mail prompted, or internet site interactive test to complete new claim files.


Community posted bulleting board,

E-bulletin board, e-mail in local paper. (Bruce Mabeo)

Provide "push technology" hotlink to web site for walking through mock sales or service management scenario at specific post-learning timed intervals.


Interactive demo/advertisement of features of rationale behind new system.

Create a script.


Web-based CBT to build on experience.

Create Consultation Suggestion web site.


Provide map with "cycle" (travel theme) to introduce the new "journey" (preview).

Create web page for suggestions on how to increase basic understanding of product knowledge. (Sheila Manteaw)


Complete claim on web site to demonstrate skill.


Web site prizes were Frequent Flyer Miles and learners went to the site to show their post work to get miles.


Have learners use/input web research on stocks into new info systems "glossary" or "library" for other employees to reference.


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